Announcing the ConGlomeration 2013 Author Guest of Honor: Ian “Lizard” Harac

ConGlomeration is excited to announce the Ian “Lizard” Harac will appear as the Author Guest of Honor for our 2013 convention.

Lizard is a longtime science fiction fan and Alpha Nerd. After 20 or so years of waiting for someone to spontaneously offer him writing gigs, he actually started submitting things and discovered, much to his surprise, that people liked them and bought them.

He began his writing career in 2000 and became a well-known freelancer in the tabletop gaming business, working on products for Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, and the Dying Earth books. Today, Lizard continues his work as a game developer — including a notorious project trying to rebuild the classic Gamma World setting for 4th Edition D&D rules — as well as a freelancer for PC World magazine and a stalwart member of Blackwyrm Publishing’s stable of fiction authors.

Lizard’s novels The Rainbow Connection and Medic! are both available from Amazon, as are a number of his game supplements and modules.

Today, Lizard lives in Southern Indiana with his wife, Beth, with whom he runs Louisville’s Vault Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing group. You can find updates on Lizard’s gaming work at his website,, and discover the current sources of his boundless sarcastic condescension on his Facebook profile.

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