The Judi Lundy Memorial Hospitality Suite

Assorted snacksOur wonderful Hospitality Suite, known fondly as “The Con Suite,” provides free refreshments to badge-holding convention members during the entire convention!

  • Have you spent time in Programs meeting guests, talking about fandom, and handcrafting chain mail or duct-tape hats?
  • Have you been caught up competing in the Game Room for hours upon hours?
  • Did you work up a sweat strolling the Dealers Room digging for great deals?
  • Have you invested time and energy in the harrowing task of voting for the Art Show awards?
  • Do you need a break?!
  • Visit our wonderful Hospitality Suite!

Want FREE SNACKS with your Easter weekend fandom? Register for ConGlomeration!

Your ConGlomeration Membership badge is your all-weekend, all-access pass to the magical refreshment station that is the open-around-the-clock Con Suite. Our staff puts together all sorts of nosh: hot and cold appetizers, fresh fruit and vegetables, chips and cookies of all kinds, and even committee-coveted specialty items: Debbie’s gorgeous dessert displays, Alex’s trays of fresh fruit perfection, Jessica’s fresh-made taco dip, Anna’s decorate-your-own sugar cookies, and don’t forget the beloved Sugar & Spice donuts! We don’t provide meals, but there’s always plenty of rotating snacking to be enjoyed.

The Con Suite is named in honor of one of our founding members, the late Judi Lundy, who was a fixture in Louisville fandom (and Con Suites) for more than two decades.

The ConGlomeration Hospitality Suite will occupy the Presidential Suite of the Crowne Plaza Louisville, on the sixth floor (room 626). You can get there easily from the hotel lobby elevators.

Want FREE SNACKS with your Easter weekend fandom? Register for ConGlomeration!

Sponsor the ConGlomeration Hospitality Suite

Sponsor ConGlomerationConGlomeration members describe us as a geek family reunion. All our activities are interactive and fan-driven, which has created a devoted following of local fans who support us (and our sponsors) with a fierceness.

Get in on the good vibes by sponsoring the ConGlomeration 2020 Hospitality Suite! You’ll be supporting one of the most beloved aspects of our convention, while also reaching every single ConGlomeration member (literally every member comes to the Con Suite at least once) with your included sponsorship messages.

Can’t afford to sponsor the whole Con Suite, but still want to promote your stuff? We have several advertising options for our Program Book! And if you can’t afford cash, we take donations in kind, too.

Volunteer in the Hospitality Suite

Reytypus and Kylo Plat by Erik AppelhofWe need Con Suite volunteers to help maintain the snack buffet and drink tubs. This includes handling food (including peanuts), washing dishes, occasional sweeping, emptying trash cans, and lifting cases of sodas or bags of ice (these can be a little heavy). Those willing to work overnight hours will reap a special glory in Valhalla (the Asgardian paradise, not the golf course; we’re geek-pious, not rich).

Volunteer for six hours and you get an exclusive, not-for-sale platypus parody t-shirt.

You can see all our Volunteer opportunities here.

Hospitality Suite Questions?
Contact Hospitality Suite Co-Chairs, Jessica Bratcher & Evan Roberts []