ConGlomeration Press Passes

ConGlomeration Press PassThe ConGlomeration Press Pass Program is for journalists and other members of the media who wish to cover our convention, and is given to those applicants who have shown a need for access to ConGlomeration for professional purposes. Working media from all mediums will be considered.

ConGlomeration Press Passes are not memberships!

Members of the media credentialed by ConGlomeration may not participate in gaming, workshops, contests, panels, or any similar activities put forth by ConGlomeration, and may only attend these activities to observe and record convention events for journalistic purposes.

All Press Pass applications must be received by March 15th, 2019.

A limited number of press passes are available. Not all applications that are submitted will be accepted. Prior receipt of a press pass does not guarantee receipt of a 2019 press pass.

Press Rules and Regulations for ConGlomeration 2019

At-The-Door press registration will be permitted this year at ConGlomeration, however, we do encourage you to apply online for a ConGlomeration 2019 Press Pass.

All registering Press must provide the documentation below when requesting Press Access. We reserve the right to turn away any applicants who do not follow our requirements.

Press Application Guidelines

All Press Applicants must provide all the following credentials to validate as a legitimate member of the press:

  • Journalist(s) Name(s)
  • Publication Title
  • Publication URL
  • Publication Facebook
  • Publication Twitter
  • Publication Postal Address
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Supervising Editor’s Name
  • Supervising Editor’s Email
  • Supervising Editor’s Phone Number
  • Last year to have covered ConGlomeration (if any)
  • Desired interview subjects

You may apply online, or send the above by mail (clearly typed) to:

ATTN: Registration
P.O. Box 32095
Louisville, KY 40232-2095

If you intend on shooting documentary work or any non-circulative media, we ask that you register as a regular attendee at our standard 3-day convention pricing and present your Registration Badge upon receiving your Press Badge.

Please bring a valid Government Issued I.D. with you when picking up your press pass, along with any of the above items for at-the-door press registrations. Due to the fact that we will not have all of our resources available at the convention, please be aware that information that cannot be verified on the spot may result in the denial of the Press Badge. Only one of each of the required credentials is required per group attending. Each individual press member should submit a business card (or similar), validating their affiliation with their publication.

As a professional courtesy, we also request (though do not require, unless you’re within the Film/ Video category) a copy of the printed report in said publication, when it is released, for archival and promotional purposes.

A list of Guests of Honor will be made available for you at the time of check-in. Interview times should be scheduled with Programming prior to the convention (contact; ConGlomeration cannot guarantee Guest of Honor availability once the convention begins.

Any press registration disputes or questions should be brought to the head of Registration immediately.


Press credentials do NOT guarantee a member of the press for preferential treatment at any event over the course of the convention, including autograph and sketch sessions.

Reserved seating, IF available at various events, is not guaranteed, and will be in a designated section when available.

Guests of Honor can be made available for interviews with prior notice to the Programming Chair (Keith Bratcher). If you have an interest in interviewing specific guests, please make note of it on the press application when you register.

Press badges will only be available for pick up from the Registration desk during Registration hours.

*Video & Audio Recording: ANY Video or Audio Recording for ConGlomeration-organized events, (such as the Masquerade, guest appearances, etc) are not to be uploaded to the Internet, or made available to the public, in their entirety. If you wish to use recordings of such events, you must create a highlight clip instead. Any use otherwise is in violation of the Rights held by ConGlomeration.

Musical/Performing Guests: Rights to record musical or live performance entertainment held at ConGlomeration are governed by entertainers themselves, and/or the Label/Studio that is representing those entertainers. ConGlomeration honors their requirements. Violations of any arrangements in regards to our guests are responded to with severe action.

Your Rights & Information: ConGlomeration does not make public, sell, or distribute your or your company’s contact information. Your information is for internal use by ConGlomeration Management only. However, often times coverage by certain guests may request or require you to provide information. Such information can be acquired from you via a sign-in sheet which will be provided at the convention.


If abuse of press privileges is reported to ConGlomeration, such behavior is grounds for having press access revoked. Please conduct yourself responsibly at all times. Violation of any of these arrangements may disqualify requests for covering or attending ConGlomeration future years.

If a publication feels that their access is revoked unjustly, they may discuss it with the Registration Chairs and/or Chairman of ConGlomeration. The revocation of credentials is a last resort, and Registration will do all they can to be certain that members of the press understand why such actions are necessary and how to avoid them. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is some part of these policies you do not understand.

Press Members may discuss any questions/disputes regarding these policies with the Registration Chairman and/or Chairman of ConGlomeration.

Please note: ConGlomeration reserves the right to modify our rules & regulations at anytime without prior notice, and may deny you a Press Pass for any reason.

For further questions, contact Keith Bratcher at

Thank you for reading through our rules and regulations!