Eventbrite - ConGlomeration 2017

Standard ConGlomeration memberships are $35 per person until Dec. 31, 2016 or until sold out (limit 100); $40 until March 24, 2017 or until sold out (limit 500); and $45 thereafter and at the door. One-day passes are available at the door only for $35. Youths aged 6-12 receive $10 off their ConGlomeration membership. Children five years of age and under are not required to purchase memberships.

You may register online here, or register by mail by sending payment in full along with all the following information, clearly typed,  to the address below. All requests for membership must include the following information for each person registering:

  • Full Real Name (Required for records)
  • Alternate Badge Name (Optional)
  • Address (Include city, state, and zip)
  • Phone Number (Optional)
  • E-mail Address (Optional)
  • Areas of you’d like to Volunteer, if any (Optional)

For registrations sent by mail, please allow a minimum of two weeks for registration and check processing. Send information with your check or money order to the following address:

ATTN: Registration
P.O. Box 32095
Louisville, KY 40232-2095

Earn a free badge by referring new members!

We’ll pay you to make friends (or possibly take hostages)!

Every new member you get to register for ConGlomeration 2017 earns you a sweet $10, up to the price of your own registration.

(“New” is defined as someone who hasn’t attended ConGlomeration any year since 2012, as verified by our registration staff.)

Paid $35 for your membership, but referred four new members? Your badge is free, and you’ll get a sweet $35 refund when you claim your badge at the Registration Desk. Paid $40 and got four new referrals, you’ll get $40 back at Registration.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register and pay for your 2017 ConGlomeration membership
  2. Find a bunch of folks who have never been to ConGlomeration (at least since 2012)
  3. Get the newbies to purchase memberships online by Mar. 1, 2017 and list your full name in the Who referred you? field
  4. Wait patiently while our crack Reg Staff audits your newbie list for posers and changelings
  5. Receive an email from ConGlomeration Registration a couple weeks before the convention explaining how much money you’ve earned back
  6. Come to the convention, pick up your badge, and get a sweet kickback for all the rookie platypi you brought us

Remember, your referrals must register online, must register before 11:55 pm on Mar. 1, 2017, and must list you as the person who referred them.

All referrals will be audited by our Registration Staff to ensure that people claiming to be new members are actually new members and not just jerks trying to scam us out of $10 (you know who you are). You will receive advance notice of how many qualified referrals you have earned before ConGlomeration 2017. The decisions of the Reg Staff are final, not up for appeal and are non-negotiable (these folks are hard-core). Your referral fee will not exceed the price you paid for your personal registration; this is a way to earn a free membership, not become a high-profit human trafficker.

TL;DR: Bring in new members, get a refund on your registration. 

We’ve all got those friends who have almost been to ConGlomeration several times. Every one of those near-platypi you get to pull the trigger for ConGlomeration 2017 gets you $10 off your own 2017 badge.

Now go out there and start recruiting!

Those interested in ConGlomeration Press Passes may see our media credentialing policy here.

Registration questions?
Contact Kae Thompson & Christi Jones-Graziano, Registration Co-chairs []