Saturday schedule grid at BarCampLondon 5

ConGlomeration 2020 will offer a wide variety of programming to support and inspire the interests of an untold multitude of geeks throughout Easter Weekend — April 10-12 — at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY.

While we’re still developing our 2020 lineup, you can still peruse last year’s PROGRAM SCHEDULE¬†for an idea of the kind of crazy we like to create.

ConGlomeration 2020 will offer programming in seven distinct tracks, so plan your geekery accordingly.

  • ANIME program
  • ART & ARTISTS program
  • COSPLAY program
  • GAMING program
  • GENERAL FANDOM program
  • KIDCON program
    1. Jennifer Cihi, Anime Guest of Honor
    2. Steve Prescott, Artist Guest of Honor
    3. Toni Weisskopf, Publisher Guest of Honor

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Volunteer in Programming

Reytypus and Kylo Plat by Erik AppelhofWe need volunteers to help rearrange rooms between programs, which may involve light lifting of chairs or transport of A/V equipment between panels. Volunteers also perform light errands or tasks for panel participants (if a Hugo-winner wants a soda, you get a Hugo-winner a soda). The most polite and capable amongst this number are promoted to Guest Liaison and get to hang out with our Guests of Honor after hours (see Programming Chair for arcane initiation rituals; safety not guaranteed).

Volunteer for six hours and you get an exclusive, not-for-sale platypus parody t-shirt.

You can see all our Volunteer opportunities here.

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Programming questions?
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