Guests of Honor

Author Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn

Timothy ZahnStar Wars - Thrawn Alliances by Timothy ZahnLegendary Star Wars author Timothy Zahn will be our 2019 Author Guest of Honor.

In some circles Tim is known as “the man who saved Star Wars.” His Thrawn Trilogy — which introduced the infamous villain Grand Admiral Thrawn to Star Wars canon, as well the Imperial capital planet of Coruscant, and the assassin-turned-hero Mara Jade — kickstarted widespread interest in the EU in 1991.

Since then, Tim has published over forty novels, nearly ninety short stories and novelettes, and four collections of short fiction.

You can learn more about Tim here. Got a question for Tim? Ask it here!

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Artist Guest of Honor Steve Prescott

Steve Prescott, 2019 Artist GoHElven archer by Steve PrescottAcclaimed game illustrator Steve Prescott will be our 2019 Artist Guest of Honor.

Steve is one of the most recognizable and influential RPG artists of the last 20 years, with his unmistakable style appearing in games and sourcebooks since 1995.

Steve has developed illustrations and designs for White Wolf Games, FASA, Paizo, Blizzard, Copenhagen Creators, Hasbro, Animal Planet, and most notably for Wizards of the Coast where he has contributed heavily to both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering.

You can learn more about Steve here. Got a question for Steve? Ask it here!

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Also Attending

Attending Artist Cris Griffin

'In The Cards' by Cris Griffin

Cris Griffin will be an Attending Artist at ConGlomeration 2019. Christine ‘Cris’ Griffin works in the genre book cover industry (Dreamspinner Press, Bell Bridge Books, Gryphonwood Press, to name a few), as well as providing RPG interior illustrations (White Wolf/Onyx Press), images for collectible card games (A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars) and private commissions (you know who you are!). She was also our 2015 Featured Artist.

You can learn more about Cris Griffin here.

Attending Cartoonist William Levy

Bill LevyWilliam Levy will be an Attending Artist at ConGlomeration 2019. Bill is a Louisville native author, illustrator, and game designer best known for his Nightmart online comic strip. A fixture at ConGlomeration (and RiverCon before us); con wouldn’t be the same without Bill

You can learn more about William Levy here.

Attending Author Lydia Sherrer

Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus by Lydia SherrerLydia Sherrer will be an Attending Author at ConGlomeration 2019. Lydia is the Louisville-native fantasy author behind the Love, Lies & Hocus Pocus series of novels, and the new Dark Roads trilogy. When not writing or promoting her next book, Lydia enjoys ocarina playing (think Zelda), traditional archery, costume design, and art.

You can learn more about Lydia Sherrer here.

Attending Artist Kevin Ward

Guardian of the Hyaline Deep by Kevin Ward and Lynn HarrisKevin Ward will be an Attending Artist at ConGlomeration 2019. Kevin has been a professional artist since 1980, providing illustrations and cover art for such authors as Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, and Norman Spinrad. His clients have included the Doubleday Publishing Group, Grolier Science Encyclopedia, Funk and Wagnalls, TSR, Inc., and NASA, among others. He was also our 2013 Featured Artist.

You can learn more about Kevin Ward here.

Attending Editor Lynn West

Dreamspinner EiC Lynn WestLynn West will be an Attending Artist at ConGlomeration 2019. Lynn is one of the founders of Dreamspinner Press and was one of the first two editors employed by the press in January 2007. She was named Editor in Chief in January 2009. She has edited the work of more than a hundred authors, including most of the bestsellers in Dreamspinner’s catalog.

You can learn more about Lynn West here.

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We are working feverishly to secure Guests of Honor for ConGlomeration 2019, and beyond. Watch this space for announcements. For reference, past guests have included Walter Koenig, Boris Vallejo, Peter David, David Drake, Harry Turtledove, Ben Bova and many more.

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If you are an established science-fiction, fantasy, horror or science-fact author, artist, filmmaker, game designer, actor, musician, engineer, researcher, journalist, extraterrestrial visitor, time traveler, paranormal being, artificial intelligence, and/or indescribable non-human entity and would like to be considered for a Guest of Honor slot at ConGlomeration 2018 or a future convention, please contact our Programming Chair.

If you would like to serve as a dedicated fan liaison for our Guests of Honor — which means you’ll spend most of the convention hanging out and helping out with one of our guests — please contact our Volunteers Chair.

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