Conglomeration 2019 Game Signup

Dungeon Master by lostonwallace
Gamemaster sign-ups for ConGlomeration 2019 will be available starting Saturday 1/12/2019. Anyone that pre-registers for ConGlomeration can now volunteer in advance to run a game, or call dibs on a spot in a game with a confirmed Game Master. This year we’re switching to Events Manager for our game submissions and you will need to login to submit or signup for events

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Want to run a game at ConGlomeration 2019?

  1. Get signed up for our Game Masters List
  2. Submit a game that you would like to run
  3. The gaming staff will review the game and, if it’s approved, assign it to the ConGlomeration Game Roster

Want to reserve your spot in a game at ConGlomeration 2019?

  1. Register for ConGlomeration 2019
  2. Look up your Eventbrite confirmation email

    Eventbrite Order Number

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  3. Go to the event page and signup using the same email as your Eventbrite ticket

Games will be available for advance signup until Friday April 12th Get your ConGlomeration 2019 Membership now and reserve your spot!

Join the Game-CTRL Staff

Reytypus and Kylo Plat by Erik AppelhofWe need volunteers to man the Game-CTRL desk to: ensure no prizes, community games, or supplies are stolen; to keep the game signup sheets current and organized; to call out inevitable pizza deliveries that gamers never seem to notice; and to notify hotel staff when the garbage cans need to be emptied (they fill up as if cursed by crap-goblins). Those willing to work overnight hours will be forever blessed by Saint Gygax, Patron of Saving Throws.

Volunteer for six hours and you get an exclusive, not-for-sale platypus parody t-shirt.

You can see all our Volunteer opportunities here.

Gaming Questions?
Contact Derek Reese & Chuck Wahl, Gaming Co-chairs []