Cosplay Masquerade

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2012 Featured Costumer Laura Jones

2012 Featured Costumer Laura Jones

The Conglomeration Cosplay Masquerade is the premier social event of our convention, with a significant number of our members attending and participating in the costume competition.

(What is cosplay? This is cosplay.)

The Conglomeration Cosplay Masquerade will open for seating after the Art Auction and will begin at 8:00 pm Saturday in the auditorium entered through the Derby room. All members are encouraged to participate. Entry forms will be available at the Registration desk.

Due to its popularity, we’ve laid down some rules for the ConGlomeration Cosplay Masquerade to ensure everyone has the best time possible with a minimum number of scars to show for it.

Rules for Participants

  • Presentations will not run for longer than two minutes, no matter how many people are in the entry.
  • All entrants must sign a release form. All members of a group entry must sign a release form.
  • Minors must have a parent or guardian sign a release form.
  • Members are allowed to participate in one presentation only. If you wish to enter more than costume, you must get another to enter the masquerade.
  • Purchased, rented or commercial costumes may not be entered.
  • Total or partial nudity is prohibited. No costume is no costume.
  • No jumping of falling off the stage. If you have special entrance or exit plans, please check with the masquerade director.
  • All special effects must be authorized the masquerade director and explicitly explained to masquerade staff. Surprise the audience, not the support people helping you.
  • Please make arrangements beforehand for getting props on and off the stage.
  • A group or collaborative costume must compete at the skill level of the highest ranking member who participated in the design or construction.
  • Recorded soundtracks are encouraged, but must not exceed the allotted time limit. Please turn in all sound recordings to the technical director.
  • Microphones will only be available by special permission from the masquerade director.
  • All registration forms and tapes must be turned in on Saturday by 4:00 pm, the beginning of rehearsal.

Rules for the Audience

  • No flash photography during the Masquerade. A picture area will be set up for flash photography after the event.
  • Please remain seated during the performance. Some costumes limit visibility and movement, allow participants extra room, if needed.

Judging Categories

  • Junior/Youth – Anyone under the age of 16.
  • Novice – The Novice division is to encourage beginners. You may not enter if:
    1. Are a professional
    2. Won a regional competition as best in show or three times at novice or higher.
    3. Won an international competition as best in show or novice division or higher.
  • Journeyman – Journeyman is an interim division to allow further development of costuming skills. You may not enter if:
    1. Are a professional
    2. Won a regional competition as best in show or three times as journeyman or higher.
    3. Won an international competition as best in show or as novice or higher.
  • Master – The master division is open to all entries, professional or amateur.

Costumers are encouraged to, and may always, enter at a higher level if they so wish, including Junior/Youths. A person who chooses to compete-up a level and wins must then compete at that level. However, if a person competes up and does not win, in the future they are free to compete at their original level.


Judging will be measured by points in each of the following categories, on a scale of 1-10, for a total of 50 possible points from each judge.

  • Construction – How well is the costume made? Is it an original design? Was it hand sewn?
  • Audience appeal – This is the WOW factor.
  • Visual effect – Costume beauty or striking effect.
  • Creativity – Tell how you designed and made your costume.
  • Performance – This score is about your presentation during the masquerade.

Saturday Schedule

  • 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Masquerade technical rehearsal and check in. You don’t have to practice but you must talk to the masquerade director to go over all instructions.
  • 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm – Volunteer check in
  • 7:00 – Entries must arrive for prejudging.
  • 8:00 – Masquerade begins.

Judges will confer after all contestants have presented. Entertainment will be provided during the judging process. Trophies are awarded when the judging is completed.

Masquerade questions?
Contact Cindy Thomas & Sarah Peek, Masquerade Co-chairs []