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The ConGlomeration Convention Organizing Committee (the “ConComm”)

ConGlomeration is a labor of love, made possible by the volunteer efforts of dozens of dedicated fans and the generous sponsorship of many individuals and organizations. The ConGlomeration Army numbers in the hundreds, but those listed below are our generals. Their time, energy, and ideas are what make ConGlomeration a reality.

Chairmen []
Sean Reck, Chairman
Keith Bratcher, Vice-Chair Programming
Jay Garmon, Vice-Chair Marketing

Treasurers []
Jessica Bratcher & Mark Kantlehner

Programming []
Keith Bratcher (acting chair)

Gaming []
Derek Reese & Chuck Wahl

Cosplay Masquerade []
Sarah Ritchie

Art Show []
Colleen Logsdon & Kyle Thomas

Hospitality []
Jessica Bratcher & Evan Roberts

Dealers Room []
Tom Herp & Joe Swanson

Registration []
Shannon Cancello & Christi Jones-Graziano

Advertising & Sponsorships []
Jay Garmon (interim chair)

Logistics []
John Hickman

Publications []
Kyle Thomas (interim chair)

Volunteers & Staff []
Quinn Thomas 

Technology []
Jay Garmon & Chris Stuber

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 32095
Louisville, KY 40232-2095

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