ConGlomeration Staff & Volunteers

Platypus Legion

We didn’t make this image, but we endorse it.

Join the ConGlomeration Army!

ConGlomeration is not a business; it is a celebration of all things geek that is willed into existence by the local fan community. We don’t do it for the money — because we don’t make any. Everyone who organizes or attends ConGlomeration donates time and resources to create a 50-hour-long festival of imagination and joy.

It takes a small army of like-minded geeks to make a convention like ConGlomeration a reality. For ConGlomeration to conquer new worlds our ranks must grow.

Enlist in the Platypus Legions! If you’ve served in the past, thank you, and please consider signing up for another tour. If you’re new to ConGlomeration, never fear, we’re always ready to welcome new brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

If you’d like to muster up with the ConGlomeration Army, contact our volunteer coordinator.

Questions about Volunteering?
Contact Sean Reck, Chairman []