Volunteer at ConGlomeration

Firefly Browncoat Propaganda Poster by Mike Perry

Firefly Browncoat Propaganda Poster by Mike Perry

It takes a small army of like-minded geeks to make a convention like ConGlomeration a reality. That’s where ConGlomeration’s Volunteer Legions come in.

Volunteers are ConGlomeration members that take a few hours out of attending ConGlomeration to help run ConGlomeration. It is these brave, generous Volunteers that make ConGlomeration possible.

That’s why we want YOU to enlist in the Volunteer Legions! If you’ve served in the past, thank you, and please consider signing up for another tour. If you’re new to ConGlomeration, never fear; we’re always ready to welcome new brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

If you’d like to muster up with the ConGlomeration Volunteer Legions, contact Quinn Thomas, our volunteer coordinator.

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Earn an Awesome Nerd Shirt

Every hour of time you volunteer makes a difference. Volunteer for six hours and you’ll get a swanky ConGlomeration t-shirt featuring an exclusive Erik Appelhof original platypus parody print. These shirts are never sold; they’re available only to ConGlomeration volunteers & staff and we create new original shirts every year.

Platykirk and Spoctypus by Erik AppelhofDoctypus Who by Erik AppelhofReytypus and Kylo Plat by Erik AppelhofXenoplat by Erik Appelhof

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Branches of Service

Behold, the various individual ConGlomeration Volunteer Legions:

Need Level: High

Game Room volunteers man the Game-CTRL desk to: ensure no prizes, community games, or supplies are stolen; to keep the game signup sheets current and organized; to call out inevitable pizza deliveries that gamers never seem to notice; and to notify hotel staff when the garbage cans need to be emptied (they fill up as if cursed by crap-goblins). Those willing to work overnight hours will be forever blessed by Saint Gygax, Patron of Saving Throws.

(If you want to volunteer to run actual games, contact our Game Room coordinators.)

Need Level: High

Reg volunteers assist members in filling out registration forms and paying for memberships (by processing credit cards and taking cash; there are no free lunches here). They also enter membership data in our database and generate badges. Reg volunteers should be comfortable handling money, answering questions, and making small talk. Fast typists will be worshipped like unto gods.

Need Level: Medium

Art Show volunteers help assemble the Art Show panels during Setup Hours on Thursday evening and Friday morning, which often involves light lifting and use of a power drill. This process is reversed during Teardown on Sunday. Those who provide their own cordless power drills are rewarded with access to the Hospitality Suite Secret Stash (read: donuts; lots of donuts).

Need Level: Medium

Masquerade volunteers help maintain the orderly flow of Masquerade participants during rehearsals Saturday afternoon and performance Saturday night. This can include recruiting cosplayers, guiding them through masquerade signup, aiding in photography, assisting with costume issues, timing and directing acts on and off stage, and general crowd control. Those who can keep cosplayers on time and in place will be hailed as worthy to wield Mjolnir and rule all of Asgard (offer not valid in Midgard; Mjolnir sold separately).

Need Level: Medium

Dealers Room volunteers help our Dealers load in and set up their exhibition spaces during Setup Hours on Friday morning, which often involves moderately heavy lifting (both physical and emotional; some Dealers are grouchy). Process is reversed during Teardown on Sunday afternoon. Volunteers may also be asked to check badges to ensure only dealer-badged members have access during setup hours. Whoever safely loads in/out the most boxes of books will be anointed Knight Errant of the Bibliophile Legions (seriously, we can find a sword and make this happen).

Need Level: Medium

Con Suite volunteers help maintain the snack buffet and drink tubs. This includes handling food (including peanuts), washing dishes, occasional sweeping, emptying trash cans, and lifting cases of sodas or bags of ice (these can be a little heavy). Those willing to work overnight hours will reap a special glory in Valhalla (the Asgardian paradise, not the golf course; we’re geek-pious, not rich).

Need Level: Medium

Logistics volunteers form a brute squad to load and unload our Truck O’ Awesomeness and assemble our Mechanisms of Geekery during Setup and Teardown. These brave warriors work in the Unseen Hours (Thursday and Sunday afternoon) when none but the Chosen (con staff) can comprehend their Holy Contributions (lifting heavy things). The Logistics team can also complete their shirt-earning without missing any convention activities. They who ferry the greatest cargo earn special, logistics-only Swag O’ Braggery!

Need Level: Low

Programming volunteers help rearrange rooms between programs, which may involve light lifting of chairs or transport of A/V equipment between panels. Volunteers also perform light errands or tasks for panel participants (if a Hugo-winner wants a soda, you get a Hugo-winner a soda). The most polite and capable amongst this number are promoted to Guest Liaison and get to hang out with our Guests of Honor after hours (see programming chair for eldritch initiation rituals; safety not guaranteed).

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Questions about Volunteering?
Contact Quinn Thomas, Volunteers Chair [volunteers@conglomeration.info]