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ConGlomeration 2018 KidCON Program

ConGlomeration’s 2018 KidCON lineup includes: Magic wands Tabletop gaming for the under-12 demographic Cookies Miniature painting A court jester The programs listed below will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY during Easter weekend — Mar. 30 to

ConGlomeration 2018 Gaming Program

ConGlomeration’s 2018 Gaming lineup, featuring Starfinder and Pathfinder RPG co-creator James L. Sutter, includes: Live interviews and podcasts with gaming professionals Panels and workshops on Dungeon Mastering and roleplaying Advice on working in the games industry Trivia contests LARPing (doing

ConGlomeration 2018 Cosplay Program

ConGlomeration’s 2018 Cosplay lineup, featuring Lana “Always River” Highfill and John “Pocket the Fool” Cowgell, includes: A full-on Cosplay Masquerade competition with juried awards Workshops and panels to demonstrate costume-creation techniques Interviews with professional cosplayers On-the-spot repairs and enhancements of

ConGlomeration 2018 General Fandom Program

ConGlomeration’s 2018 General Fandom lineup includes: Cosplay Musical instruction & filking Starship simulators Autism awareness An unpaid job offer A geeky Easter worship service A court jester Bronies The programs listed below will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in

ConGlomeration 2018 Authors & Publishing Program

ConGlomeration’s 2018 Authors & Publishing lineup, featuring Grandmaster author Keith R. A. DeCandido and former Paizo Publishing Executive Editor James L. Sutter, includes: Interviews with award-winning professional authors Panels and workshops that hone your writing techniques Panel discussions on how to succeed