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Announcing the 2019 ConGlomeration Artist Guest of Honor Steve Prescott

ConGlomeration is excited to announce famed roleplaying game illustrator Steve Prescott will be our Artist Guest of Honor in 2019. Steve is one of the most recognizable and influential RPG artists of the last 20 years, with his unmistakable style

Announcing the 2019 ConGlomeration Author Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn

ConGlomeration is thrilled to announce that legendary Star Wars novelist Timothy Zahn will be our 2019 Author Guest of Honor. Tim is widely considered one of the founding fathers of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, with his Thrawn Trilogy —

Play Starfinder with the Creator of Starfinder!

How would you like to play a session of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game game-mastered by Starfinder co-creator James L. Sutter? You can at ConGlomeration 2018! As our 2018 Gaming Guest of Honor, James has agreed to run a three-hour session

Announcing our 2018 Cosplay Masquerade Intermission Performer, Pocket the Fool!

ConGlomeration is tickled to announce that Louisville’s own John Cowgell, better known as “Pocket the Fool,” will appear as our featured performer during the intermission of our 2018 Cosplay Masquerade. Pocket is one of the most memorable attractions at the

Announcing ConGlomeration 2018 Attending Artist Melissa Gay

ConGlomeration is pleased to announce that Melissa Gay will return in 2018 as an Attending Artist. For those that haven’t met her yet — which is weird, because she attends almost every year — Melissa is a critically-acclaimed artist of