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Join the crew of the USS ConGlomeration

Have you ever wanted to take command of your own science fiction & fantasy convention? Now is your chance, cadet, as we have open positions among the senior officers of ConGlomeration! The ConGlomeration Convention Organizing Committee (The “ConComm”) is the

A message about the new 2011 ConGlomeration host hotel

Greetings ConGlomeration members, friends, allies and platypi of all persuasions, ConGlomeration needs your help. As you may have heard, ConGlomeration is changing host hotels for our 2011 convention. By popular demand, we are returning to the lands of RiverCons past

Organizing Committee for ConGlomeration 2010

ConGlomeration is a labor of love, made possible by the volunteer efforts of dozens of dedicated fans and the generous sponsorship of many individuals and organizations. The ConGlomeration Army numbers in the hundreds, but those listed below are our generals.