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Two ConGlomeration guests released a hard sci-fi book this week

Our 2014 Featured Science Guest Dr. Les Johnson released a new book into the wild this week. Rescue Mode, co-written with legendary author (and 2007 ConGlomeration Guest of Honor) Ben Bova, chronicles the disaster-plagued first manned mission to Mars. Booklist

A triumvirate of LARPs invade ConGlomeration 2014

ConGlomeration 2014 will host three separate Live-Action Roleplaying scenarios this year, all hosted and run by our featured LARP guest William Thrasher. First-time players are more than welcome! Here’s the line-up: Warhammer 40,000: Nex Eternus Teaser: The Inquisition prepared to

Announcing our 2014 Featured LARP Guest William Thrasher

William T. Thrasher is a professional writer, illustrator, and game designer who’s contributed contributed to games from Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and Skirmisher Publishing. William is also bringing his own personal LARP style to ConGlomeration and hosting not just

Michael Z. Williamson returns once again as a Featured Author at ConGlomeration 2014

ConGlomeration is proud to announce that Michael Z. Williamson (our 2010 Guest of Honor) will be returning as a featured guest in 2014. Just like he did last year. And the year before. (Mike is almost ConCom, at this point.)

Announcing our 2014 Featured Science Guest Les Johnson

NASA's Les Johnson

ConGlomeration is excited to welcome an honest-to-Zod rocket scientist into our 2014 ranks with the Featured Science Guest Les Johnson. A graduate of Kentucky’s own Transylvania University, Les Johnson is an author of science fiction for Baen Books and popular