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Special Thanks to Grey Fox Games

ConGlomeration would like to extend special gratitude to Grey Fox Games for donating items to our Wall O’Games board game library. Thanks to their generosity, our members can play: Champions of Midgard Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Gem Hens Feelinks

Jennifer ‘Sailor Moon’ Cihi will be the ConGlomeration 2020 Anime Guest of Honor

ConGlomeration is thrilled to announce that the English singing voice of Sailor Moon, Jennifer Cihi, will be our 2020 Anime Guest of Honor. Jennifer will headline our Anime Program Track at ConGlomeration 2020, which will take place Easter weekend —

Memberships Now Available At the Door!

Online registration for ConGlomeration 2019 is now closed. You may now register on-site, at the door. One-day passes are $35+tax. Full weekend passes are $45+tax. Cash or credit, no checks accepted. Registration will be open from noon until 11:59 pm

ART & ARTISTS Panels & Workshops for ConGlomeration 2019

ConGlomeration’s 2019 Art & Artists program lineup, headlined by Magic: The Gathering illustrator Winona Nelson, includes: Panels and exhibitions that discuss sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and genre aesthetics Workshops and panels to demonstrate artistic techniques in multiple media Interviews with professional

KIDCON Panels and Programs for ConGlomeration 2019

ConGlomeration’s 2019 KIDCON lineup includes: Miniature-painting Cosplay and costume workshops Art programs Cookie decorating Puppets Magic Special programs with our Guests of Honor The programs listed below will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY during Easter weekend —