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Art by Kristin Kest

Art by Kristin Kest

The ConGlomeration Art Show is an exhibition of science fiction and fantasy art in several media — particularly illustrations and sculpture — available free to all attendees of the convention. Our ad hoc gallery is one of the most respected and well attended art shows on the convention circuit, with professional artists from across the country submitting pieces for competition and sale.

ConGlomeration also offers a wide array of arts-related programming to help you hone your own skills as an artist.


We will accept both original art and limited edition prints for the Art Show. Limited edition prints must be editions of 500 or less. Open edition prints and limited edition prints of images other than those in the Art Show may be placed in the Print Shop.

Artists Alley

ConGlomeration also offers an Artists Alley wherein artists may create sketches, sculptures, textiles, or similar works on commission, on demand at the convention during Dealers Room hours. (ConGlomeration reserves the right to refuse and/or refund Artist Alley spaces to exhibitors who do not meet the qualifications above.) Members of the Artists Alley pay a $40 surcharge above their standard Membership, and receive one 8′ x 30″ table in an 8’x 5′ space, two chairs, and a 4′ x 4′ pegboard space in the Art Show. To reserve space in the Artists Alley, purchase your ConGlomeration Membership online, and add an Artist Alley space during the checkout process.

Art Show and Print Shop hours

  • Friday 3pm – 7pm
  • Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 10am – 2pm

Art Auction

  • Saturday 7 p.m.
Art by Steve Belledin

Art by Steve Belledin

In order to enter limited edition prints in the Art Show, original art must also be submitted. (Note: the original art does not have to be the same image as any of the prints.) For each piece of original art submitted, up to three different limited edition prints may be submitted (two pieces original art, up to six limited edition prints, 3 for 9, etc.) Decisions of the Art Show Director as to what constitutes original art will be final.

Original Art: Work done in acrylics, oils, pen and ink, charcoal, etc. 3D Art; handmade pieces of any material. Hand-painted commercial castings will not be accepted as original art.

Prints: Any work using photo-reproduction (e.g. offset printing, etc.); hand-colored reproductions made using some form of photo-reproduction.

Mail-in art is accepted and encouraged. All mail-in art must be received by Friday, March 24, 2017 and must include completed paperwork, mailing labels and sufficient monies to cover any return postage. Send art to:

ConGlomeration Art Show
c/o Kyle Y. Thomas
7222 Arnoldtown Road
Louisville, KY 40214

Art by Scott Webb

Art by Scott Webb

All artwork must be submitted with bid sheets and control sheets. When reserving space, let us know how many bid/control sheets you anticipate needing and they will be supplied. Any pieces in the Art Show receiving three written bids will go to the Art Auction. A 10 percent commission is charged for total Art Show sales over $20. There is no commission charged for Print Shop sales. Print Shop space is free for any artist entering the Art Show, otherwise tables are priced as below. There is no panel space for the Print Shop.

The Art Show will take all reasonable measures to safeguard the artwork submitted. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of any individual work. We strongly recommend that you insure all artwork. We will not reimburse artists for damaged, lost, or stolen artwork.

Art Show panels are 4’x4′ pegboard with hooks and clips provided. All artwork should be matted for display. Print Shop prints are not required to be matted (but it is a good idea to do so!). Space will be provided to walk-in artists on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserving space is highly recommended.

Prices for Table and Panel Space

  • Membership plus $10 for Artists Alley 8′ x 30″ table (includes one 1/2 panel); allows for live sketches/commissions to be sold
  • $10 per 4’x 4’ panel or 6’ round table
  • $5 per half-panel or half-table

You can reserve your Art Show space immediately online or by mail. (For Artists Alley tables, simply purchase a membership, then add an Artists Alley table during checkout.) Payment (check or money order) must be sent with any snail mail reservations. Art Show reservations do not include membership to the convention; memberships must be purchased separately. You may also register for ConGlomeration online.

By submitting art to the ConGlomeration Art Show, you demonstrate that you agree to and understand the above terms.

Art Show Awards
Art Show awards are designed especially for the convention and look different every year. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Monochrome
  • 3-D
  • Best in Show

Art Show Questions?
Contact Kyle Thomas, Art Show Chair []