Banner Images

ConGlomeration has adapted our banner images (those cool mashups you see at the top of every page) from work made publicly available by creators on deviantART. In many cases, versions of these images are available for sale and in almost all cases you can commission these professionals to create fantastic art on your behalf. As proud supporters of the genre arts, we gratefully link to these original images and their artists below.

Wonder Woman Disney Tangled Mashup by rudecherub

Wonder Woman Disney Tangled Mashup” by rudecherub.

Dr. Who Star Wars Crossover by drombyb

Star Wars / Doctor Who Crossover” by Drombyb.

SSDD by Mr-DonkeyGoat

S.S.D.D.” (AKA the Ghostbusters / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover) by Mr. Donkeygoat.

Trouble on Krypton by Rabbittooth

Trouble on Krypton” by Rabbittooth.

Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) by AgarthanGuide

Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) by AgarthanGuide.