ConGlomeration 2020 Will Be Our Final Convention

Over the past 20 years, ConGlomeration has become a large and important part of many of our lives. It has been an annual tradition and reunion of chosen family that we look forward to and deeply enjoy. In many cases, it is the axis around which our year revolves.

With that sentiment in mind, we must inform you that 2020 will be the final year for ConGlomeration.

If you’d like to join us for one final ConGlomeration, you can buy your last ConGlomeration memberships here.

To understand why we are ending ConGlomeration after 20 years, read on. 

During the two decades since we founded ConGlomeration, we have watched fandom grow and change in many significant ways. When we began, in-person events like ConGlomeration were some of the only venues where fans could meet, share their passions, buy rare merchandise, cosplay in public, enjoy obscure films and books, or play nerdy games with fellow tabletop fanatics.

Today, virtually every fandom has their own Internet outpost, cosplay has its own major TV series, and you can buy D&D at any major bookstore. Between Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and similar websites and apps, every fan can stage their own quasi-convention — interacting with major authors and game designers, meeting new fellow fans, and buying every kind of merch imaginable — from the comfort of their web browser.

For those that still seek out in-person fandom, many if not most prefer large mega-conventions that preclude the intimate, family reunion atmosphere we cultivated at ConGlomeration.

ConGlomeration has done its best to adapt to and remain relevant during these changes, and we were gratified to learn that “reuniting with our fandom family” is the number one reason members continue to attend our convention. We’re very proud of that. 

So, if we’re accomplishing our goal, pleasing our audience, and membership has grown steadily since 2015, why end ConGlomeration?

The bulk of the ConGlomeration organizing committee have planned and operated this convention for over a decade, some of them since it was founded in 2001. After 20 years, many of the ConComm are ready to retire. For some of us, our personal or professional lives no longer afford us the extra bandwidth to run ConGlomeration. For others, it was simply a matter of being “done” with con-running.

Despite repeated efforts, we have been unable to find replacement staff willing to take over the day-to-day management and year-round planning of ConGlomeration (particularly the less-than-fun aspects like book-keeping, website maintenance, and corporate compliance). As such, we cannot ask our current committee to continue to drain themselves for the sake of the convention. It would not be fair to them, nor to ConGlomeration.

We are choosing to close down now, while ConGlomeration and its committee are still successful and thriving, so that we can end on a high note and enjoy happy memories. We have strived for the past 20 years to provide you with the best multimedia geek family reunion that we could. By most accounts we succeeded, and we intend to succeed one more time.

If you’ve enjoyed the conventions we’ve staged for a generation, we ask you to join us for one last reunion.

It has been our privilege to bring this convention to you. We love you all, and we hope to see you again Easter Weekend. 


Sean Reck, ConGlomeration Co-Founder & Chairman 

Keith Bratcher, ConGlomeration Vice-Chair of Programming

Jay Garmon, ConGlomeration Vice-Chair of Marketing

Jessica Bratcher, ConGlomeration Treasurer