Announcing our 2020 Featured Cosplayer Fabrikat Cosplay

Fabrikat Nejire HadouConGlomeration is excited to announce that Fabrikat Cosplay will be our 2020 Featured Cosplayer.

As our Featured Guest, Fabrikat will anchor our Cosplay Program Track and serve as a judge for our Cosplay Masquerade.

FabriKat Cosplay is a cosplayer from southern Indiana most known for her female anime character cosplays. She has been cosplaying since 2017 and in that short time has put together more than 30 costumes and attended more than 15 conventions and cosplay events, many of them as a cosplay panelist or masquerade competitor.

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Fabrikat Sakura HarunoFabrikat’s cosplay of Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden was featured in the March 2019 issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine.

Her Elizabeth Liones cosplay from Seven Deadly Sins won the Closet Cosplay Division Award at Matsuricon 2019.

Fabrikat’s focus for cosplay is to embody characters who inspire her and to use the craft as a form of expression and an opportunity for self-improvement, learning, and connecting with others. She believes in spreading positivity and in keeping cosplay accessible to people of all backgrounds, financial levels, and skill levels. Her favorite aspects of cosplay are wig work and composing photoshoots.

You can learn more about Fabrikat via her Instagram and Facebook page.

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