ConGlomeration Welcomes Winona Nelson as Our 2019 Artist Guest of Honor

Elvish Mystic Magic The Gathering card by Winona Nelson
“Elvish Mystic” Magic: The Gathering card by Winona Nelson

ConGlomeration is pleased to announce that Winona Nelson will be our 2019 Artist Guest of Honor.

As our Artist Guest of Honor, Winona’s original paintings and prints will appear in our Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Show Easter weekend — April 19-21, 2019 — at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY as part of ConGlomeration 2019. She will also headline our Arts & Artists programming all weekend long.

Winona is a freelance illustrator, working in science fiction and fantasy, video games, trading card games, and comics. You know, the good stuff!

Fans will recognize Winona’s work from Kabam’s The Hobbit: Kindoms of Middle Earth and Ravenmarch, the indie comics UNIKRON and Artifice, and, of course, several Magic: The Gathering cards.

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Winona was born in 1983 and grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. She has drawn all her life and began painting digitally as a teenager.

She studied classical realism and art for the entertainment industry at the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco, then worked as a concept artist at Flagship Studios and Planet Moon Studios.

Her fine art often focuses on the stories and history of her tribe, the Ojibwe of Minnesota, and on the experiences of women and minorities.

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Chandra Pyromancer Magic The Gathering card by Winona Nelson
“Chandra Pyromancer” Magic: The Gathering card by Winona Nelson

Winona freelances full time, working in illustration, concept art, comics, and fine art. Clients include Naughty Dog, Final Form Games, Kabam, Night Shade Books, Warhammer Black Library, and Wizards of the Coast. Past publications include Women of Wonder, Spectrum 17, Spectrum 18, Spectrum 19, Spectrum 20, Gorilla Artbook, Exotique 2, and Exotique 4.

Winona has participated in gallery exhibitions in Connecticut, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City. She lives in Philadelphia with artist beau Anthony Palumbo and their gentleman cat, Diego.

You can learn more about Winona on her Facebook page, Twitter feed, or her website,

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Winona Nelson’s ConGlomeration 2019 Appearances

Below you’ll find all the scheduled programming events for Winona Nelson during ConGlomeration 2019. But Winona is “part of the family” now, so rather than micromanage every moment of her time, she’ll also be hanging out in community spaces, signing prints in the Art Show, enjoying free snacks in the Hospitality Suite, and maybe even throwing down some dice in our Game Room. You can absolutely find Winona at the times and places below, but she’ll also be part of our broader fandom family reunionCome join us!

You can view our full program lineup here.

Friday, April 19

“ConGlomeration 2019 Opening Ceremonies and Guests of Honor Meet & Greet”
8pm | Elliott
Join us in welcoming the 2019 Guests of Honor — including Artist Winona Nelson — for our big Fandom Family Reunion. Come see who’s here and learn what we’ve got planned for this year’s festivities!

Saturday, April 20

“Artist Jam”
10am | Crowne Ballroom, Art Show Area
Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson and ConGlomeration favorite Melissa Gay work together to produce art right before your very eyes. Prepare to be amazed / enchanted / unsettled. We make no promises.

“Sci-Fi Pictionary”
1pm | Crowne Ballroom, Art Show Area
Join Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson, Kevin Ward, Darrenn Canton, Cris Griffin and other attending artists as they put their skills to the test in a game of sci-fi-themed Pictionary. Will they crack under the pressure? Art Show maven Lynn Harris will emcee the event with her usual style and grace.

“Winona Nelson Portfolio Viewing”
2pm | Hancock
Our 2019 Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson reviews her work, her career, and her philosophy of art, science fiction, and fantasy.

KIDCON: “Art Encounter with Winona Nelson”
4pm | Oldham
A hands-on hour of art with our Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson.

“Women in Illustration”
5pm | Crowne Ballroom, Art Show Area
Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson, Melissa Gay, and Cris Griffin discuss the unqiue challenges, experiences, and opportunities for women in the world of professional illustration.

Sunday, April 21

“Guests of Honor: Last Call”
1pm | Elliott
Final chance to say farewell to the 2019 Guests of Honor as well as a sneak peak at what we have planned for 2020. Come say adieu, get that last autograph, and get the scoop on what’s ahead.

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