The Artemis Starship Simulator Invades ConGlomeration 2019

Louisville Artemis Mission Exploits simulator setup

For the third consecutive year, ConGlomeration will offer sessions in the Artemis starship simulator. For our 2019 convention, we’ve engaged the Louisville Artemis Mission Exploits simulator for our most immersive experience yet.

The Artemis simulator will be available as part of our Gaming program, with sessions beginning at noon on Friday April 19 and continuing through 2pm on Sunday, April 21. Nearly ever hour of the day throughout Easter weekend, Artemis will be available to the members of ConGlomeration 2019.

The Artemis simulator is the closest that many of us will ever get to commanding a Starfleet vessel. Crews of six take control of a starship, manning helm, weapons, science, communications, engineering or — as we’ve all dreamed — the captain’s chair! Scan for threats, complete complex missions, and destroy your enemies as you keep your sector safe for the citizens of your space federation.

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Those that attended ConGlomeration 2017 may recall the wondrous spectacle of an Artemis crew led by none other than J.G “General Martok” Hertzler. With any luck, we’ll recreate this revelry with our 2019 Author Guest of Honor, Timothy Zahn.

The new, ironically named LAME simulator is even more impressive, with custom enhancements designed specifically for ConGlomeration already in the works.

LAME Artemis tactical view

Sessions in the Artemis will be scheduled via our Game Room on a first come, first served basis. Bring your own six-person team or match up with whatever motley crew of spacefaring vagabonds musters into service at your allotted time (we are often a wretched hive of nerds and geekery).

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Want to spend Easter Weekend as a Starfleet captain? Register for ConGlomeration 2019!

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