Announcing the ConGlomeration 2019 Masquerade Intermission Performers Level-Up Lightsaber Dojo

ConGlomeration is excited to announce that Level Up Lightsaber Dojo will be our 2019 Featured Performer.

Want to spend Easter weekend honing your lightsaber skills? Register for ConGlomeration 2019!

Professional martial artist and lightsaber combat instructor Alan White will bring his Level Up Lightsaber Dojo to perform during intermission of our 2019 Cosplay Masquerade. Alan is a veteran martial arts competitor and instructor who has adapted his traditional training for use in mock lightsaber combat.

Level Up Lightsaber is an online, subscription-based lightsaber combat training dojo that offers video instruction on wielding (prop replica) versions of the preferred weapon of the Jedi and the Sith.

Level Up’s curriculum was built by professional martial artists focusing on exactly what you need to build your own lightsaber fighting style. Trying to lend authenticity to your cosplay? Want an interesting workout to do with your friends? Want to help your kids work on focus with the coolest toys in the galaxy? Level Up Lightsaber offers an adaptable system with instruction from experienced martial artists.

Learn the basics, choose a side, and level up!

At ConGlomeration 2019, Level Up Lightsaber’s martial artists will thrill and excite the audience of our Cosplay Masquerade and will also be on hand to offer a few tips on safely wielding “a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

You can learn more about Level Up Lightsaber Dojo at their website and Facebook page.

Want to spend Easter weekend learning lightsaber combat? Register for ConGlomeration 2019!

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