Announcing the ConGlomeration 2019 Featured Cosplay Guest HarleenQuartz

ConGlomeration is excited to announce that HarleenQuartz will be our 2019 Featured Cosplay Guest.

HarleenQuartz as Harley Quinn

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Harleen is well regarded plus-sized cosplayer, anti-bullying activist, and administrator for our 2019 Featured Fan Group, The ORCs.

Harleen didn’t discover cosplay until 2012 when a friend drug her to a local fan convention. (This is why we encourage pay you to bring first-timers to ConGlomeration.) From there, she was hooked and developed her first cosplay as Splicer from Bioshock. Today, Harleen describes cosplay as “a part of my life and my personality.”

Now a convert to the cause, Harleen spreads the gospel of cosplay as a powerful and positive form of self-expression. “Regardless of the shape and size of who I’m cosplaying as, I enjoy it. Beauty is not defined by the size of dress you wear and cosplay is not defined the type of material used in your costume. COSPLAY IS ABOUT FUN! And fun we shall have.”

HarleenQuartz Cosplay

You can learn more about HarleenQuartz, and see photos of her cosplays, at her Facebook Fan Page.

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