Announcing the 2019 ConGlomeration Featured Fan Group The Ohio River Valley Cosplayers (ORCs)

ConGlomeration is elated to announce that, at long last, The Ohio River Valley Cosplayers and Prop Builders (ORCs) will be our 2019 Featured Fan Group.

The Ohio River Valley Cosplayers and Prop Builders

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Louisville’s own ORCs are locally beloved and regionally renowned, with a membership that spans five states — Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia — and a mission that matches ConGlomeration’s own calling as a geek family reunion.

To inspire, empower, embody and enthrall! Whenever you need encouragement, help, a hand or advice. No matter who you are or what you look likeā€¦ Where you aren’t just friends but family!

The ORCs

And the ORCs aren’t merely a social group or cosplay club; they operate under an official charter and code of conduct that embodies the best aspects of cosplay culture. A squad of ORCs can almost always be found at any cosplay event in the Ohio Valley, from conventions to LARPs to charitable events and random acts of awesome cosplay. If you’ve seen a high-class cosplayer within a three hours’ drive of Louisville, KY, you’ve probably encountered an ORC.

At ConGlomeration, the ORCs will stage their infamous Cos-ER to provide on-the-spot emergency repairs to any and all cosplayers and Masquerade participants, as well as a host of panels and workshops to help you create better cosplays and become a better cosplayer.

You can learn more about the Ohio River Valley Cosplayers and Prop Builders at their website, Facebook page, or Instagram feed.

Want to spend three days cosplaying with the ORCs? Register for ConGlomeration 2019!

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