Join the crew of the USS ConGlomeration

Platykirk and Spoctypus by Erik AppelhofHave you ever wanted to take command of your own science fiction & fantasy convention? Now is your chance, cadet, as we have open positions among the senior officers of ConGlomeration!

The ConGlomeration Convention Organizing Committee (The “ConComm”) is the command staff for our beloved geek family reunion. At present, we have several new and open positions on the ConComm, and we’re interviewing for volunteers who would like to take a more active role in helming the USS ConGlomeration.

Like many geeks, we have organized our ConComm based on the most successful team of professionals we know: the crew of the starship Enterprise.

The Management Division (based on Capt. Kirk’s Command Division) handles the financial and operational aspects of ConGlomeration, the Programming Division (Based on Mr. Spock’s Science Division) arranges all the fun stuff there is to do and see at ConGlomeration, and the Marketing Division (based on Scotty’s Operations Division) gets the word out about ConGlomeration via our website, social media, newsletters, flyers, and so on. We have openings in every area, some more pressing than others.

Beyond the duties listed below, all ConComm members help nominate and select our Guests of Honor and weigh in on major issues and decisions affecting the convention. If you want ConGlomeration to grow or change in a particular way, joining the ConComm is how you can bring those dreams to life. ConGlomeration is committed to staging two more conventions between now and Easter 2020, so you’ll have plenty of chances to leave your mark.

Below the level of Commander, ConGlomeration works to ensure that two (or more) people share any Director or Coordinator spot, both to spread the workload and to avoid single points of failure. Thus, even if there is someone in a ConComm position today, that doesn’t mean we don’t want another person in that same spot to split the work and bring in fresh ideas.

Below are our positions of need.

Programming Director(s)

Every panel, workshop, activity or guest you see at ConGlomeration was arranged or invited by our Programming Directors. If they don’t create the panels directly, they recruit the track coordinators (for example, our Gaming Track coordinator or our Anime track coordinator) and manage their work and resources. Programming Directors create the Program Grid, and ride herd on guests and panelists during the con. We have no PDs; we need two. This is arguably the most exciting and influential job on the entire ConComm, and we could use all the new ideas and energy we can get.

Within Programming, we are also looking for a Cosplay Track Coordinator, Science Track Coordinator, KidCon Track Coordinator, and Music/Dance/Performance Track Coordinator. (Our Anime, Gaming, Art, and Author/Publishing Track Coordinators could also use some backup, too.)

Volunteers Director

A non-trivial portion of ConGlomeration is run by Volunteers who simply show up during the convention and offer to help out. The Volunteers Coordinator helps recruit and direct these saintly assistants to the various areas of the con they are most needed at any given time (usually to the Con Suite or Reg Desk). We have one Volunteers Director today, but he needs backup.

Advertising Director(s)

We need individuals ready and willing to manage paid social media and email newsletter campaigns, and to investigate branching out into slightly more expensive media. Experience is not a requisite, as our Vice-Chair of Marketing (who does all this, alone, today) is ready and willing to exhaustively train you. (Yes, you can learn a marketable job skill on the ConComm.)

Publications Coordinator(s)

We need someone(s) with decent graphic design experience to take over management of our Pocket Guides, Ad Media, and Posters (so our Art Show staff can stop pulling double- and triple-duty).

Sponsorship Coordinator(s)

Believe it or not, ConGlomeration has over two dozen available sponsorships we just don’t have time to go out and sell. We need personable and outgoing sales-types to go get folks interested in sponsoring programs at the convention. Literally no one is doing this today, so you have a chance to break new ground for the convention.

Cosplay Masquerade Coordinator

Our lone Cosplay Masquerade-wrangler needs some backup, especially since she also spearheads our Cosplay program track. If you want to enhance the cosplay content and activities of ConGlomeration, this is the spot for you.

If you’re interested in applying to fill any of these ConComm slots, or any of our leadership positions, please contact our Chairman.