$35 ConGlomeration Memberships END FRIDAY!!!

Keep Calm and Register for ConGlomeration

When the clock strikes midnight on March 16, the price of ConGlomeration goes up by $10!

From that moment on, all registrations will be sold for the at-the-door rate of $45. If you want to get in for a mere $35, use the promo code LASTCHANCE18.

Moreover, online registrations will END MARCH 23, so if you want to avoid human contact waiting in line to register at the door, buy your ConGlomeration 2018 memberships TODAY.

Eventbrite - ConGlomeration 2018

Volunteer at Registration

Reytypus and Kylo Plat by Erik AppelhofThe Reg Desk needs you! We need volunteers to assist members in filling out registration forms and paying for memberships (by processing credit cards and taking cash; there are no free lunches here). Reg staff also enter membership data in our database and generate badges. Reg volunteers should be comfortable handling money, answering questions, and making small talk. Fast typists will be worshipped like unto gods.

Volunteer for six hours and you get an exclusive, not-for-sale platypus parody t-shirt.

You can see all our Volunteer opportunities here.

Registration questions?
Contact Kae Thompson & Christi Jones-Graziano, Registration Co-chairs [registration@conglomeration.info]