Play Starfinder with the Creator of Starfinder!

Starfinder RPG

How would you like to play a session of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game game-mastered by Starfinder co-creator James L. Sutter?

You can at ConGlomeration 2018!

As our 2018 Gaming Guest of Honor, James has agreed to run a three-hour session of Starfinder for five of our members on Saturday, March 31. From 7-10pm five lucky players will experience the world of Starfinder from the game’s creative director (who also helped develop the Pathfinder RPG, too).

Now, we fully expect more than five people will want to get in on this action, so we’re going to select the quintet of lucky roleplayers by virtue of random draw. (As tabletoppers, we’re all quite familiar with the random fall of dice determining our gaming fate.)

Simply sign up online or at the convention in the Game Room, and then be present in the Knox program room at 6:45pm on Saturday. James himself will draw his five players from the list — and you must be present to be eligible — and those unchosen are invited to stick around and watch the spacefaring adventures unfold.

To enter for your chance to play Starfinder with the co-creator of Starfinder, follow these steps:

  1. Register up for ConGlomeration
  2. Go to our Game Signup Form
  3. Sign up for game number RP0 (that’s a zero)
  4. Enter your Email Address and Eventbrite Ticket ID (which came in your Eventbrite receipt email)
  5. Click Submit

That’s all it takes. And don’t worry about all the spots being taken in advance — you can only sign up once, you can always sign up at the convention in our Game Room, and actual spots will be determined by random draw.

Sign up today for your chance to play Starfinder with the co-creator of Starfinder, James L. Sutter — only at ConGlomeration 2018!

Gaming Questions?
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