ConGlomeration 2018 Anime Program

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam F91 The Motion PictureConGlomeration’s 2018 Anime program lineup, in partnership with the Louisville Anime Community, includes:

  • Panels and screenings that discuss anime culture
  • Chances to discover new anime to obsess over
  • Opportunities to trade a little anime merch
  • Anime-oriented tabletop and video-gaming
  • Cosplay
  • Karaoke (maybe)

The programs listed below will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY during Easter weekend — Mar. 30 to Apr. 1 — as part of ConGlomeration 2018.

Don’t know what anime is? Let this Digibro video enlighten you.

If you know what anime is (duh) — and you want to spend a whole weekend mainlining anime with a few hundred fellow otaku — ConGlomeration 2018 is the place to be.

Interested in more than just anime? You can view our full program lineup here.

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Louisville Anime CommunityNoon “Importing From Japan”
They have it, you want it, can’t get it? Not anymore. We’ll demo how to import goods from Japan and how to do basic translation, so you can better understand your treasures.

1pm “Name That Tune Music Challenge”
Think you’ve seen and heard it all? Prove it! Face off with others to name songs from a wide variety of animation and be the victor.

2pm “Lesser Known Anime”
Exhausted by all the same generic stories being recycled into infinity? Join us as we walk through a number of quality shows with unique flair.

3pm “Louisville Anime Community Open Forum”
Got fandom? Confused about anime, want to connect with fans, talk about upcoming cons? Meet with Louisville Anime Community staffers in our open forum.

4pm “Spice & Wolf: Medieval Fantasy”
A lowly merchant and his new traveling companion, a wolf spirit, set out to find her homeland. Beset with enemies and complications, we discuss one of the most unique mercantilism and romance series.

5pm “Anime Gaming”
Board games, video games, anime in everything. Sit for a bit and play anime tie in games or inspired works we’ve come up with anime themed rule sets for.

7pm “War for the Holy Grail! Intro to Fate”
A bloody battle with heroes summoned from across all mythos and time. This multiverse spans a huge variety of games, anime, and alternate timelines. Join us as we try to unravel these threads of Fate.

8pm “It’s a Gundam 101! Not seen on Toonami”
Besides DBZ and Sailor Moon, Gundam made Toonami famous. Yet so much never made it to TV. Come explore the other sides of Gundam that may not be on your radar.

9pm-11pm “Screening – Gundam F91”
Giant robots, space armies, orbital colonies, and beam sabers. Come watch the 1991 classic Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

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Anime: Sailor Moon10am “Community Swap Meet”
Too many manga clogging your shelf? Time for out with the old and in with the new! 1 for 1 trading only. No currency exchange allowed.

11am “Anime 101: 1907 to Today”
Where did anime come from? Join us for a look at how Japanese animation started, and how it has changed each decade to where we are today.

1pm “KidCON: Pokemon GO”
Kids 12 and under are invited to come catch ’em all as The Louisville Anime Community hosts ConGlomeration’s very own Pokemon gym.

1pm-3pm “Anime Music Videos”
Art? Parody? How about both. A solid hour of curated fan-made music videos across multiple genres set to anime, collected from the last 2 decades. Come take a break and be surprised.

3pm “Moonies Assemble! Sailor Moon Panel”
From the manga to the 90s anime and the more recent Crystal reboot, get ready to moon tiara boomerang your way through Naoko Takeuchi’s award winning series.

4pm “Fill in the Blank: Manga Drawing”
Take a break from con hustle and drop in to draw or leave a silly sketch. We’ll have manga panels pre-made and videos on how to improve your sketch art. A fun activity for kids too.

5pm “Be Still My Heart: RomCom Anime”
Romantic comedies can appeal to anyone, but not all are worth watching. Going back into the 90’s we’ll cover some personal favorites and discuss where the genre may be headed. No need for tissues!

7pm “Steins;Gate: Time Travel Gone Wrong”
A simple text message changes a murder, and time travel is invented. The butterfly effect kicks in and friends start dropping one by one. How far would you go to fix it? A primer on the Steins;Gate franchise.

8pm-10pm “ConGlomeration 2018 Cosplay Masquerade
Show off your anime cosplay, or just see the manga-licious designs and performances of your fellow fans as ConGlomeration presents the culmination of our Cosplay programming track, the 2018 Cosplay Masquerade.

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