Announcing our 2018 Cosplay Masquerade Intermission Performer, Pocket the Fool!

John Cowgell, AKA Pocket the FoolConGlomeration is tickled to announce that Louisville’s own John Cowgell, better known as “Pocket the Fool,” will appear as our featured performer during the intermission of our 2018 Cosplay Masquerade.

Pocket is one of the most memorable attractions at the annual Highlands Renaissance Festival in Eminence, KY. His persona is that of a 13th century Scottish jester from the court of Robert the Bruce, as described (in character) below:

“I am the Court Jester of King Robert the Bruce (The Third of that name). I was born in Briarwood, in the highlands of Scotland, in the year 1280. While I was born to English parents, they supported the Bruce in the war, and were transplanted to Scotland, shortly before I was born. When I was but 7 years of age, my parents, being down on their luck, sent me to the priory, to further my education. After almost a decade amongst the speakers of God, I got terribly bored (which, as you know, is a dangerous thing), so I ran off, and happened across a gypsy caravan that was traveling the isles of our native soil, and those beyond.

“I traveled extensively, throughout Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England with these Roma. The were the Clan Balaur! They accepted me as one of them, and gave me the gypsy name ‘DoDo.’ Also, I traveled across the ocean, over to the darker parts of Europe, and Asia, soaking in culture as quickly as possible. I traveled with several crews in those intervening years. The Dread Pirate Schmidt was my captain for a time. I sailed with the 82nd’s Revenge, the Seven Deadly Sins, and The Wenches Desire.

“When I finally made it back to Scotland, I ran across Robert the Bruce and his entourage. He though me a right fool, as well he should, and asked me to be his. This was 5 years ago, and I have been his vanguard ever since. I am his voice, when he cannot, or will not speak. Heck, I even have the king’s ear (Wanna see?).

“Today I am known as Pocket the Fool! Briarwood’s Own Jester; The Louis-fool of Louisville; The Scarlet Jingler. I bring jokes, jests, stories, and songs — including a menagerie of puppets and some interactive stories and fairy tales for the audience. Sing-alongs are semi-mandatory, and tips are appreciated.”

Pocket will be about the convention all weekend, and he may even run a cosplay panel or two.

You can learn more about Pocket the Fool from his Twitter feed or official Facebook page.

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