The Artemis Starship Simulator returns for ConGlomeration 2018

ConGlomeration is thrilled to announce that we will again offer sessions in the Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator as part of our Gaming Program.

What’s Artemis? This is Artemis.

Teams of six players will crew a Star Trek-style starship on brief missions of exploration and combat. And yes, one of you will be the captain. Scan for enemies, route power to the warp engines, and fire every phaser you can find as you seek out new life and new civilizations — and destroy all who oppose you!

Courtesy of our friends at Dwarven Woodworking and their custom Artemis bridge console — seen here commanded by none other than J.G. “General Martok” Hertzler at our 2017 convention — you can live out your lifelong fantasy of commanding a Starfleet vessel. If you’re ready to boldly go where no one has gone before, get your ConGlomeration memberships today.

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Gaming Questions?

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