Announcing the ConGlomeration 2018 Gaming Guest of Honor James L. Sutter

Paizo Creative Director James L. SutterConGlomeration is thrilled to announce that former Paizo Executive Editor James L. Sutter will be our 2018 Gaming Guest of Honor. James will anchor several panels on both creative writing and game development, as well as throw down a game session or two, throughout ConGlomeration 2018, which will be held Easter weekend — Mar. 30 to April 1 — at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY.

If you don’t know James, you absolutely know his work. James was a co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Creative Director of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game for Paizo Publishing, as well as the head of the Pathfinder Tales novel line.

(James will be running a special session of the Starfinder RPG for our members on Saturday night!)

He is the author of the novels Death’s Heretic—ranked #3 on Barnes & Noble’s Best Fantasy Releases of 2011 and a finalist for the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel—and The Redemption Engine, which won the 2015 Scribe Award for Best Original Speculative Novel.

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Starfinder RPGIn addition to a wealth of award-winning tabletop gaming material, he’s also written comics, video games, and short stories for such publications as Escape Pod, Apex Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and the #1 Amazon best-seller Machine of Death. His anthology Before They Were Giants pairs the first published short stories of science fiction and fantasy luminaries with new interviews and writing advice from the authors themselves.

To give you an idea of the sort of panels James will run when he’s here, take a gander at this excerpt from his guest post at “The most important thing we learn from pen-and-paper roleplaying games is that anyone can be a storyteller. … A writer can gain much more from gaming than simple confidence. By running games—and being lucky enough to work on Dungeon magazine and help create Pathfinder—I got an invaluable education in crafting worlds, plots, and characters.”

When not writing or editing, James has performed extensively with various bands and other musical projects ranging from punk and progressive metalcore to folk and musical theater. He lives in Seattle in a shared house named Mooncastle. You can learn more about James on his Twitter feed, Facebook page, or at his website,

20 Questions with James Sutter

Pathfinder RPGJames is a man of secrets, a keeper of the shrouded lore that underpins the elsewhen of Pathfinder, Starfinder, and their many fantastic worlds. What would you know of these secrets? What would you have James reveal? Ask, and he shall answer — if you are worthy.

We’ll collect the 20 best, most interesting and intriguing questions for James posted in the comments below, or sent to Then, we’ll compel James to answer. If you would know the unspoken truths and hidden insights of the Paizo clans, begin your questioning now.

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