ConGlomeration’s 2017 Visual Arts Program Lineup

Frost Giant by Christine MitzukConGlomeration’s 2017 Visual Arts program lineup includes panels and workshops to help you hone your skills in various media, including painting, sketching, sculpting, costuming, and whatever it is you call building boffer swords (foamcraft?).

If you want to be a better artist, or just want to fawn over some amazingly skilled craftspeople and creators who love sci-fi and fantasy as much as you do — including Artist Guest of Honor Christine Mitzuk — we have the workshops and panels for you.

You can view our complete program lineup here.

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4pm-7pm: Art Show and Print Shop Open
An exhibition of science fiction and fantasy art in several media, with hundreds of unique items up for silent auction.

5pm: “Life Drawing”
Bring your sketchbook and draw with us!  Clothed figure in gesture poses, short poses, and one 25 minute pose.  Drawing supplies provided.

6pm: “Quilling Workshop”
Ever considered coiling up thin strips of paper and turning them into art? (A.K.A. Quilling) We hadn’t either. But with the right tools, some creativity, and a sense of adventure you might surprise yourself. Come join us for some paper crafting fun! Colleen Logsdon hosts.

7pm: Dinner Break

8pm: ConGlomeration 2017 Opening Ceremonies
And so it begins: Welcome all our Guests of Honor to ConGlomeration 2017 including Artist Guest of Honor Christine Mitzuk, meet a few of the staff responsible (for better or for worse) for this year’s convention, and maybe even get the skinny on a few “unofficial” parties and events.

9pm-11pm: “Artist Jam – Christine Mitzuk & Melissa Gay
Artist Guest of Honor Christine Mitzuk and Featured Artist Melissa Gay collaborate on paintings in real-time before a live studio audience.  Creating art without a net!  We don’t know how this is going to end, but the process will be amazing!


10am-6pm: Art Show and Print Shop Open
An exhibition of science fiction and fantasy art in several media, with hundreds of unique items up for silent auction.

11am: “Sequential Art Confidential”
Get the lowdown on the incredible amount of work required to make that comic book you’re holding in your Cheeto-stained fingers. Kristin Kest and Brian Rodman will relay their experiences as Makers of Comics.  Melissa Gay (Consumer of Comics) moderates.

12pm: Lunch Break
Eat; it’s good for you. Also, eat something good for you.

1pm: “Visual Artists’ Secret Talents”
ConGlomeration has a host of members with talent in the visual arts. Join in a discussion (and if we’re lucky, demonstration) of the broad range of *other* skills that these artists possess. Warning: May include Vogon poetry.  Moderated by Lynn Harris.

2pm: “Many Worlds of Graphite”
Who says graphite only belongs in a pencil? This workhorse drawing medium, apart form living in your favorite #2 pencil, comes in an array of other forms that can be used to make art. Come play with the different forms of graphite—from powdered to water-soluble to kneadable—and see what you can cook up. Christine Griffin moderates.

3pm: “Christine Mitzuk Slideshow”
Artist Guest of Honor Christine Mitzuk reviews her career as artist, teacher, and raconteur. Ask her about donuts.  Or gummy dinosaurs paintings.  She’s eclectic like that. 

3pm: KIDCON: Cookie Decorating
Time for a snack break, and a chance to decorate your very own themed cookie with the help of our world famous Hospitality crew in the Con Suite.

4pm: KIDCON: Artist Guest of Honor Christine Mitzuk
Join our 2017 Artist Guest of Honor for some creative fun.

4:30pm-6pm: “Watercolor Workshop”
Join Darrenn Canton and his lovely assistants as they take you through the steps of drawing and painting an Orc Portrait.  You can’t mess this one up.  You’re drawing an Orc, bad is good!  Limited to 8 participants, age 12 and up.

6pm: Dinner Break
Leave the building; consume healthy foodstuffs. It’s go-time.

7pm: Art Auction
Art Show items that have received three or more written bids go up for voice auction.  Bid early and bid often!  That art needs to come home with *you* and your bidding foes must be defeated!  ConGlomeration Art Show Awards, themselves pieces of art, are given out at the midpoint of the auction.

8pm: Cosplay Masquerade Break
This year’s Masquerade will be epic. After all, the Klingon High Chancellor is one of the judges and Il Troubadour is performing the half-time show. Being less than stellar might be painful this year. Bring on your best act and cosplay to win the day…er, night!!


10am-2pm: Art Show and Print Shop Open
Auction items and reserved purchases may be picked up from this point forward.

11am-1pm: “Glass-Etching Workshop”
Jessica Banks returns for another round of glass-etching assorted items with science fiction iconography.

12pm: ConGlomeration 2017 Closing Ceremonies
Come bid adieu to all our Guests of Honor and send ConGlomeration 2017 out with a hearty fare-thee-well.

Want to attend these awesome panels? Register for ConGlomeration 2017!

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