ConGlomeration 2017’s Most Wanted: Game Masters!

Tools of the game masterThe ConGlomeration Game Room is the heart of our convention, with every type of tabletop awesomeness — board games, roleplaying games, collectible card games, miniature combat games — running for 50 hours straight.

That said, there is always room for more gaming. Thus, for the second year running, we’re putting out a call for GMs who want to demo or dungeon-master games during our 2017 convention — and we’re here to make it easier to run your games.

  • Want prize support? Our game staff will help you solicit giveaways from game suppliers and our dealers.
  • Need special game conditions? Our game room coordinators will help you reserve space, track down terrain and models, or sign up players in advance.
  • Not sure you can swing the $40 to attend ConGlomeration? In certain special circumstances, our game staff will help allay the cost of attendance for game masters that commit to running a specific number of games during our convention.

For details and assistance, just fire off an old-fashioned email to Our crack team of gaming lunatics is standing by.

ConGlomeration gaming can’t happen without game masters like you. Come join the Platypus Army and let’s make our game-a-palooza even more outrageous. Volunteer as a ConGlomeration 2017 game master today! 

2 comments on “ConGlomeration 2017’s Most Wanted: Game Masters!
  1. Dave Cecil (Lord Dave) says:

    Just as a reminder, last year, I had discussed running a large invitational dnd game as a continuing saga for about 8 players. We had discussed reserving one of the larger tables in that back of the room for this as the game will be ran several times through the weekend. I dont have specific times locked in with the players yet, but we will need 4 hours each day. Friday saturday and sunday. I also am open to running open sign up games outside of these games.

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