Give the gift of ConGlomeration 2017!

Kirk and Spock Ugly Xmas Sweaters

Not this. Anything but this.

What do you give the geek who has everything (already pre-ordered)?

How about 50 hours of gaming, cosplay, nerd workshops, sci-fi & fantasy art, free snacks — plus a long weekend with Klingon Chancellor Martok.

Now, wrapping all that in a single present you can fit under a tree is both physically improbable and technically a felony, so do the next best thing — Give the gift of ConGlomeration 2017!

Admission to Louisville’s unofficial “geek family reunion” is the perfect present for the gamers, Trekkies, Jedi, Whovians, Browncoats, Potter-heads, comics geeks, anime-maniacs, or cosplayers in your life. At ConGlomeration 2017, they’ll hang out with 500 or so of their fellow geeks April 7-9, 2017 and play a few games, watch a few films, take in a little genre art, and cosplay to their heart’s content.

Oh, and did we mention free snacks all weekend? There are free snacks all weekend!

ConGlomeration 2017 is the best $35 (or less) you can spend on your favorite geek this holiday season.

(Also, if you don’t order by Dec. 31, the price goes by $5 per membership, so act now while the discounts last!)

Order your ConGlomeration 2017 memberships today!

One comment on “Give the gift of ConGlomeration 2017!
  1. James Flanagan says:

    And remember, try to get an hour or two of slee before checkout time on Sunday. You don’t want to drive home sleepy like we did last year! Literally we played all night long! Sooo much fun cramed into a weekend! 🙂

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