Announcing the ConGlomeration 2016 Artist Guest of Honor Zack Stella

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Zack Stella

ConGlomeration is proud to announce that fantasy illustrator Zack Stella will be our 2016 Artist Guest of Honor.

Zack never considered becoming an illustrator. At least, not when he was seven. Sure, he drew a lot. And we mean a lot. But his original goal, like many seven year olds, was to become (drumroll please!)…

a paleontologist.

Zack Stella Magic Show and TellThis lasted only until Zack realized what truly fascinated him most was paintings of dinosaurs. Studying rocks under blazing suns be damned! Zack just wanted to do what those artists had: he wanted to make extinct creatures and forgotten, unseen worlds come alive!

Dinosaurs, of course, were just the tip of the creative iceberg. Why stop there? If Zack could breath life into the long-dead through his art, why not things that never truly existed? Things from whispers… things from dreams… things flickering in perpetual, transitory impermanence.

With brush down, Zack could create worlds.

In the end, what cooler job is there than that?

Zack’s clients include: Wizards of the Coast (for whom he has designed Magic: The Gathering cards), Musewear, Amscan, and Shapeshifter Scriveners. You can learn more about Zack on his Facebook page, Twitter feed or his website,

Want to spend a weekend with Zack Stella? Register for ConGlomeration 2016!

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