Announcing the ConGlomeration 2015 Featured Artist Cris Griffin

Cris Griffin, ArtistConGlomeration is excited to announce that Cris Griffin will be joining us as a 2015 Featured Artist.

Christine ‘Cris’ Griffin has been working in the art mines for the better part of her adult life, which means she pre-dates digital art by a fair chunk. Nonetheless, she’s embraced the tablet and stylus, and currently works in the genre book cover industry (Dreamspinner Press, Bell Bridge Books, Gryphonwood Press, to name a few), as well as providing RPG interior illustrations (White Wolf/Onyx Press), images for collectible card games (A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars) and private commissions (you know who you are!).

'In The Cards' by Cris GriffinFor years, Cris was a moderator at, “a juried art gallery and artist community that features only the best art,” which also included tutorials, critiques and wrangling unruly forum participants. She comes from a fine arts background, earning an MFA from George Washington University in D.C., back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. She still enjoys working in ink, graphite and charcoal, in addition to digital art.

Today, Cris lives in central Ohio and runs a household full of unruly family participants, as well as juggling freelance art projects. Fandom is another topic near and dear to her heart. She has been active in the Supernatural fandom for almost ten years (Holy salt ‘n burn, Batman!), creating both fan art and fan fiction, and is always interested in exploring fandom’s place in contemporary media and society.

Cris’s wares can be found all over the interwebs, starting with Heck, just google quickreaver and you’ll find her on just about every social media platform, as well as Society 6 for the odd t-shirt or coffee mug.

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