Announcing the ConGlomeration 2015 Artists’ Alley

ConGlomeration is proud to announce a cavalcade of attending artists to enhance our lineup of Feature Artist Cris Griffin and Artist Guest of Honor Cynthia Sheppard, including Attending Artist Kevlen Goodner and Attending Artist Adam Hicks.

They’re all part of the ConGlomeration 2015 Artists’ Alley.

Kevlen Goodner, ArtistFett, by Kevlen GoodnerKevlen Goodner is a freelance illustrator for Louisville Magazine. He also serves as creative visual director at Eureka Comic Labs, which he co-founded. A skilled designer and illustrator known for his realistic interpretations of superhero characters, Kevlen has built a reputation as both a gifted visual storyteller and draftsman. Kevlen is also an experienced teacher and public speaker. He continues to share his message of the importance of the creative mind in our culture with audiences all over the world. You can learn more about Kevlen at

Adam Hicks, ArtistRambo Brite, by Adam HicksAdam Hicks was born and raised in Southern Indiana where he was fed a steady diet of 80s cartoons, animated films, and comic books. His affinity for these mediums blended together to create the artistic style he uses today. Whenever possible Adam likes to inject fun and humor into his pieces which sets him apart from some other artists. It’s also why some people describe Adam as “One of the best artists working today.”

(And by “some people” we mean “Adam’s mom.”) You can learn more about Adam at

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