Announcing the ConGlomeration Artist Guest of Honor Vincent Villafranca

Announcing the ConGlomeration Artist Guest of Honor Vincent Villafranca
Vincent Villafranca at work #2

ConGlomeration is proud to announce that bronze sculptor Vincent Villafranca will appear as the Artist Guest of Honor at our 2014 convention.

Vincent was born in Monterrey, California. As a child, he developed an extremely vivid imagination through reading, television and the large amount of visual information that came his way via his older siblings. Vincent’s fascination with the world of creativity really came into being when he was introduced to the craft of metal-casting. He had always been an obsessive “maker-of-things” and the medium of bronze seemed to be an effective way to preserve images.

Vincent has received three Chesley Awards and numerous convention art show awards. He designed, sculpted and cast the Ray Bradbury Award for SFWA and the first annual Illie Award for IlluXCon. Vincent’s work appears in Spectrum 14 through 19.

Vincent’s life-long love affair with sci-fi and fantasy imagery spurred him to make bronzes that had one foot in reality and the other deep in the fantastic. He counts himself lucky to be able to translate his mind’s wanderings into tangible form.

You can learn more about Vincent at his web site,

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