Announcing the ConGlomeration 2013 Artist Guest of Honor Beth Trott

Announcing the ConGlomeration 2013 Artist Guest of Honor Beth Trott

Beth Trott has been drawing since the age of two and began taking private watercolor lessons when she was ten. After studying classical figure drawing in her high school years she received the Presidential Art Scholarship, as well as several local art scholarships, to attend The George Washington University. After four years of Fine Art and Art History study, her first illustrative work was published by Harper Collins in 1999.

Going in a slightly different direction, Beth opened a retail game store in Maryland. The demands of owning and operating a small business did not allow her to further pursue her art career until late 2001 when she became a part-time freelance illustrator. Two demanding fields eventually called for a choice, and illustration won out.

In 2004 Beth became a full-time freelance illustrator. Art fans smiled. Beth is primarily a watercolorist but also works in a number of other mediums, including digital, oils, graphite and pen & ink. Her clients include Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing, White Wolf Publishing, and Wizards of the Coast as well as the aforementioned Harper Collins. She loves working as an artist in the fantasy gaming industry and has also been excited about her recent expansion into children’s books.

You can find the full details of Beth’s life, work and career at

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