Guests of Honor for ConGlomeration 2013

Artist Guest of Honor Beth Trott

In 2004 Beth became a full-time freelance illustrator. Art fans smiled. Beth is primarily a watercolorist but also works in a number of other mediums, including digital, oils, graphite and pen & ink. Her clients include Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing, White Wolf Publishing, and Wizards of the Coast as well as the aforementioned Harper Collins. She loves working as an artist in the fantasy gaming industry and has also been excited about her recent expansion into children’s books.

Author Guest of Honor Ian “Lizard” Harac

Lizard began his writing career in 2000 and became a well-known freelancer in the tabletop gaming business, working on products for Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, and the Dying Earth books. Today, Lizard continues his work as a game developer — including a notorious project trying to rebuild the classic Gamma World setting for 4th Edition D&D rules — as well as a freelancer for PC World magazine and a stalwart member of Blackwyrm Publishing’s stable of fiction authors.

Publisher Guest of Honor Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore is a publisher, editor, and hillbilly who started his publishing empire in the winter of 2004. Nearly 10 years, 45 books, and 60 issues of Apex Magazine later, he finds himself standing at the precipice of madness. As his mom likes to say, he is a “Hillbilly done good.”

Featured Artists Lynn Harris and Kevin Ward

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If you are an established science-fiction, fantasy, horror or science-fact author, artist, filmmaker, game designer, actor, musician, engineer, researcher, journalist, extraterrestrial visitor, time traveler, paranormal being, artificial intelligence, and/or indescribable non-human entity and would like to be considered for a Guest of Honor slot at ConGlomeration 2013 or a future convention, please contact our Programming director.

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