UPDATED: ConGlomeration Returns April 13-15, 2012!

Mark your calendars, fellow platypi, as ConGlomeration has staked its claim to the weekend of April 13-15, 2012!

Previous reports in this space revealed an original return date of April 20-22, but a scheduling snafu by our host venue made those dates untenable. Not to worry, the hotel has expressed their apology by lowering the ConGlomeration discounted room rate to $69 per night!

The revised date also has a few advantages. First, ConGlomeration is no longer in direct competition with Thunder Over Louisville for Saturday supremacy. Secondly, our dates now overlap with the final weekend of Jefferson County Public Schools Spring Break, and the same is true for several other regional school systems. The whole family can now attend without pulling the padawans out of the local academy.

As to the hotel, Louisville’s favorite fan-run multimedia sci-fi and fantasy convention will resume operations at the Ramada Plaza hotel (formerly the Clarion) — the same hotel where we’ve redefined Derby City geekdom for most of the last decade. You may not recognize the place, however, as the venue is under new management and is in the throes of a pervasive makeover in facilities — including the addition of an in-house Wick’s Pizza parlor.

It is now safe to register for ConGlomeration 2012 and book your room nights (the latter makes ConGlomeration possible). Our next convention may be half a year away, but it just got one week closer. If you still can’t stand the wait, sign on the the Platypus Army that plans and organizes the event and pass the days by helping to make ConGlomeration stronger, brighter and geekier than ever.