Blackwyrm Publishing invades ConGlomeration 2010

Blackwyrm Publishing invades ConGlomeration 2010

A host of of authors from Louisville’s own Blackwyrm Games will by in attendance — and signing their books — at ConGlomeration 2010. The longtime local game publisher has recently branched into fiction and is eager to let fandom know it. The roster of attending authors, and their shiny Blackwyrm books, includes:

MARGE FULTON, author of the regional horror anthology The Holler
Blood pouring from ATM machines. Sexual fixations on black Santa Claus dolls. Obsessive recycling that becomes homicidal. Government brainwashing plots run out of local free clinics. Love for a lost daughter that transcends death. The Holler hits you hard, lets you catch your breath, and then hits you again. Marge Fulton packs a lifetime of provocative Appalachian insight into stories so short they could almost be called vignettes, yet so sharp they cut like broken glass. And she knows what she’s talking about: Marge lives there, dwelling amongst the refuse of broken dreams and the phoenix-like rise of desperate hopes. Now she’s taking you there too.

IAN HARAC, author of darkly comedic sci-fi novel The Rainbow Connection
One FBI Agent.
One geekette.
One dead Muchkin.
Parallel worlds galore.
It all adds up to an interdimensional conspiracy.
When Matt Anders stumbles across the body of a dead munchkin in a suspect’s apartment, a conspiracy begins to unravel that leads him on a reality-jumping adventure to the magical Land of Oz and beyond!

BILL LEVY, author of the sci-fi novel The Starcrossed
What are the odds of finding an intelligent, human-like species on the very first expedition to another star system? Or of finding your soul mate sixty light years away from home?
Not as good as the chance of getting kiled by a military conspiracy, renegade scientists, or a demonic entity from beyond time. But Barret and Paum have found something special. And they’re not going to let a little thing like Armageddon stand in the way.

BRAD PARNELL, author of the sci-fi novel Branwen’s Garden
Young Robert journeys to another world. There he comes of age amid a feuding government, grotesque monsters, an ancient ancestor …and a couple of teenaged girls. With the help of a young wolf named Louie, Robert is introduced to the wonders and perils of the strange land called Gwerinatha

TREVIS POWELL, author of the fantasy novels Albrim’s Curse and Gran’s Secret
In Albrim’s Curse, all young Albrim wanted to be was a master bowman like his father. Then a savage attack on his home cost him his family, his arm, and his humanity — all at once! Crippled and contaminated by the Curse, his beloved Gran leaves him in the care of Mute, a giant warrior dedicated to protecting humanity from the depredations of the Quarg. Albrim does what he can to assist his master and redeem himself. But can a werewolf ever really recapture his humanity?

In Gran’s Secret, her son is dead and her grandson Cursed. Gran has to send him into hiding to protect him, and to protect others from him. But there are those who seeks Weres to use for their own evil purposes, and they are backed by the resources of kingdoms.
When these Were hunters begin snooping around Gran’s small village, there’s nothing that a sweet little old lady can do to protect her grandson from people of such power, is there?
Apparently, you don’t know Gran.

LYNN TINCHER, author of the psychic crime dramas Afterthoughts and Left in the Dark
In Afterthoughts, Detective Paige Aldridge’s loved ones are prey for a serial killer. Desperate to help her sister, she is determined to find out who is behind it all. Herself a victim of kidnapping, she is traumatized by memories she cannot trust. She sees visions of murders and believes she is followed by someone only seen in the shadows. Are the memories true or is it just an elaborate mind game? Can Paige salvage her own mind in time to save her family?

In Left in the Dark, Detective Paige Aldridge’s adventures continue as she learns more of her developing powers, while she deepens her relationships with her partner and her sister. Can she regain control of her own mind before the powers that threaten to tear her apart claim her sanity and the life of a ten year old girl? Past, present, and future all collide with fear in this chilling sequel.

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