Michael Z. Williamson returns as a Featured Author in 2020

Freehold by Mike ZOur 2010 Author Guest of honor is back in the fold as Michael Z. Williamson returns to ConGlomeration as a 2020 Featured Author and a member of the Baen Books Travelling Roadshow.

In Mike’s own words, he is the author of “an eclectic body of work. That means I’ve never pinned myself down to one genre. I apologize to the marketing people, because I know they hate that and I hate to see them cry. It also makes it hard to categorize my works for my bibliography. However, subjects I’ve written in do include politics, firearms, the military, science fiction, military fiction, fantasy, humor and nonfiction. Most of my articles aren’t cataloged — there are too many.”

You probably know him best for his novels Freehold and The Hero, the latter of which was written with John Ringo. Freehold sold on its first submission then sold out its first print run in three weeks. It was a #3 Locus bestseller. Since then, Mike has had multiple books on various bestseller lists, including his anthology, Forged in Blood, which was a national bestseller and won the P&E Readers’ Poll for Best Anthology. Mike has been nominated for the Compton Crook and Prometheus awards, and won the Year’s Best Military SF award for 2014.

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Mike is a retired member of the US military (active and reserve, Army and Air Force, 25 years). He deployed for Operation Guarded Skies in support of Operation Desert Fox, and for OIF.

When not writing, Mike admits, “I possibly hold the record for most bans on Facebook for saying things someone with little maturity thought was necessary to report to the principal, rather than taking the adult route of simply ignoring or blocking me. I also enjoy fine Scotch and Bourbon. I keep hoping to get back into kung fu and skydiving, but I’m too bloody busy most of the time. I collect antique blades and firearms, and am in an arms race with Bermuda.”

Mike is also a professional armorer, creating and selling custom weapons of both the bladed and firearm variety. You can see some of his work at SharpPointyThings.com.

You can learn more about Mike at his website or (currently not banned) Facebook page.

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