ConGlomeration 2018

Easter Weekend | Crowne Plaza Louisville

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About ConGlomerationJoin us at ConGlomeration, Louisville’s only multimedia sci-fi and fantasy convention run for fans, by fans. It’s 50 uninterrupted hours of family-friendly fandom for enthusiasts of every science fiction and fantasy franchise known to humankind. ConGlomeration 2018 will be held Easter Weekend — March 30 to April 1, 2018 — at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Hotel.

At ConGlomeration, the fan experience is about more than spending hundreds of dollars to stand in line for hours with only a generic celebrity photo and autograph to show for it.

At ConGlomeration, you’re not a customer, you’re family

ConGlomeration isn’t a trade show, it isn’t a flea market, and it most definitely isn’t an autograph mill. Our members describe ConGlomeration as a geek family reunion. We strive to create a family-friendly atmosphere where all fans and all fandoms are welcome — and both long-time and first-time members are greeted with open arms, free snacks, and a seat at the game table.

ConGlomeration is like spending the weekend at your grandparents’ house — if your granddad was Gary Gygax, grandma was J.K. Rowling, and your cool uncle was Hayao Miyazaki.

Visit with your favorite people

JG Hertzler as General Martok on Star Trek Deep Space NineConGlomeration brings in Guests of Honor every year, but just like grandma’s house didn’t have a Green Room where your favorite cousin stayed hidden until it was time to give a speech, our Guests of Honor are out amongst our members — playing games, wearing costumes, and chatting up friends new and old in our legendary Hospitality Suite.

Past guests include Cherie Priest, Eric Flint, Peter Watts, Ookla the Mok (the band, not the pseudo-Wookiee), David Drake, The Alley Theater, Peter David, Apex Magazine founder Jason Sizemore, AC Crispin, Ben Bova, Deep Space Nine‘s J.G. “General Martok” Hertzler, and Star Trek/Babylon 5‘s Walter Koenig. ConGlomeration lets you see, hear, and just hang out with talents like these all weekend.

This year’s Guests of Honor include Pathfinder RPG co-creator James L. Sutter and Hugo-winning illustrator Stephen Hickman!

Geek family game night; Roll for initiative!

Game on!Like all good family reunions, ConGlomeration has a game table — well, more like two dozen game tables that run 50 hours straight. You can play your favorite RPG, card, and tabletop games, discover new games run by seasoned game masters, get a deal on the latest releases and old-school out-of-print classics from our game vendors in the Dealer’s Room, and even learn to run, customize, and design your own games in our Gaming Panels.

Raid the nerdy attic, and learn a craft or two

2016 Artist Guest of Honor Zack StellaRemember all that amazing stuff you always found in the garage or attic when you visited grandparents? Well, our Dealer’s Room and Art Show are like that. Remember when grandma and grandpa took you aside and taught you to cook, sew, cut wood, or fix a faucet? At ConGlomeration, you don’t just buy your favorite collectible art, crafts and costumes, your new nerdy family runs Program Panels that will teach you how to paint, sculpt, glass-etch, stitch, mold, solder, and even forge.

Play dress-up, cosplay-style

2012 Featured Costumer Laura JonesGrandma’s spare sheets and towels always became capes, and granddad’s umbrella was everything from a sword to a shield to a radar dish. At ConGlomeration, you never have to outgrow that, as our Cosplay Masquerade is the social apex of our Saturday, and we’ll run costuming workshops all weekend long.


Come be a part of the most hands-on, high-intensity, and highly rewarding fan experience ever to dare invade the Derby City. Register for ConGlomeration 2018!

Activities start at noon on Friday, March 30 and continue until 2pm on Sunday, April 1. Advance memberships are $35 until December 31, $40 until March 16, 2018 and $45 thereafter and at the door. Children five and under are admitted free of charge.

Join us Easter Weekend. Your geek family awaits.