ConGlomeration 2017

April 7-9 | Ramada Plaza Hotel

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Join us at ConGlomeration, Louisville’s only multimedia sci-fi and fantasy convention run for fans, by fans. It’s 50 uninterrupted hours of interactive family-friendly fandom for enthusiasts of every science fiction and fantasy franchise known to humankind.

At ConGlomeration, the fan experience is about more than spending hundreds of dollars to stand in line for hours with only a generic celebrity photo and autograph to show for it.

At ConGlomeration, you’re the star.

Entertainment + Mentorship = Mentortainment

All our activities are interactive and fan-driven. We combine entertaining events designed for sheer joy with interactive mentorship intended to teach you new skills to enhance and expand your own sci-fi & fantasy fan activities. Because we’re geeks, we call it mentortainment. (You can steal that.)

Invent Your Own Games

At ConGlomeration, you don’t just play your favorite RPG, card and tabletop games, you’ll learn to run, customize and design your own. This year you’ll be mentortained by game designers like past (but perpetually returning) Gaming Guests of Honor Andy Chambers, Sean Patrick Fannon, Carrin Seabolt, Ian “Lizard” Harac and and Wil Wheaton’s first Tabletop guest gamer, Jenna Busch. When these pros aren’t running panels or workshops, you can almost certainly find them in our 24-hour Game Room.

Design Your Own Collectibles

Don’t just buy your favorite collectible art, crafts and costumes, we’ll teach you how to create and personalize your own secret treasures and alter egos. Our storied roster of past artists and costuming guests includes the likes of costumers Sheila Lenkman, Scott Corwin and Laura Reynolds, sculptor Vincent Villafranca, and legendary illustrator Boris Vallejo and frequent Geek DIY guest Jenna Busch. It all culminates in our weekend-long Genre Art Show and Saturday Night Cosplay Masquerade.

Create Your Own Stories

Don’t just talk about your favorite movies, comics, books and podcasts — at ConGlomeration you can learn to write, draw, record and curate your unique narratives. You’ll receive advice and assistance from creator, author, editor and musician guests like Eric Flint, Peter Watts, Ookla the Mok (the band, not the pseudo-Wookiee), David Drake, The Alley Theater, Peter David, Apex Magazine founder Jason Sizemore, AC Crispin, Ben Bova, Star Trek/Babylon 5‘s Walter Koenig, Hugo/Nebula nominee and 2016 Author Guest of Honor Cherie Priest and comics author/television host/journalist Jenna Busch. ConGlomeration lets you see, hear and collaborate with talents like these all weekend.

Behold the Sordid Details

For a full lineup of mentors, check out our Guests of Honor page. For a complete rundown of panels, workshops and activities, cast your gaze upon the Programming page. In fact, read the whole website; it’s worth it.

All That’s Missing is YOU

Come be a part of the most hands-on, high-intensity and highly rewarding fan experience ever to dare invade the Derby City. Register for ConGlomeration 2017!

Activities start at noon on Friday, April 7 and continue until 2pm on Sunday, April 9. Advance memberships are $35 until December 31, $40 until March 24, 2017 and $45 thereafter and at the door. Children five and under are admitted free of charge.

Join us April 7-9. Let us mentortain you.