ConGlomeration 2019

Easter Weekend | Crowne Plaza Louisville

About ConGlomerationJoin us at ConGlomeration, Louisville’s only multimedia sci-fi and fantasy convention run for fans, by fans. It’s 50 uninterrupted hours of family-friendly fandom. ConGlomeration 2019 will be held Easter Weekend — April 19-21, 2019 — at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Hotel.

At ConGlomeration, the fan experience is about more than spending hundreds of dollars to stand in line for hours with only a generic celebrity photo and autograph to show for it. Our members describe ConGlomeration as a geek family reunion.

Meet Star Wars Super-Author Timothy Zahn

Timothy ZahnStar Wars - The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy ZahnLegendary Star Wars novelist and sci-fi super-author Timothy Zahn will be our 2019 Author Guest of Honor. In some circles Tim is known as “the man who saved Star Wars.”

His Thrawn Trilogy — which introduced the infamous villain Grand Admiral Thrawn to Star Wars canon, as well the Imperial capital planet of Coruscant, and the assassin-turned-hero Mara Jade — kickstarted widespread interest in the EU in 1991.

Since then, Tim has published over forty novels, nearly ninety short stories and novelettes, and four collections of short fiction.

Learn more about Tim here.

Meet D&D and Magic Illustrator Steve Prescott

Steve Prescott, 2019 Artist GoHElven archer by Steve PrescottAcclaimed game illustrator Steve Prescott will be our 2019 Artist Guest of Honor.

Steve is one of the most recognizable and influential RPG artists of the last 20 years, with his unmistakable style appearing in games and sourcebooks since 1995.

Steve has developed illustrations and designs for White Wolf Games, FASA, Paizo, Blizzard, Copenhagen Creators, Hasbro, Animal Planet, and most notably for Wizards of the Coast where he has contributed heavily to both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering.

Learn more about Steve here.

Want to meet the man who drew the World of Darkness, D&D, Shadowrun, and Magic? Register for ConGlomeration 2019!

Meet Your Long-Lost Geek Family

ConGlomeration has been a fixture in the local science fiction calendar since 2001, continuing a Louisville fandom legacy that began with RiverCon in 1975. Come be a part of this ongoing tradition and meet the long-lost geek family you didn’t know you had.

Activities start at noon on Friday, April 19 and continue until 2pm on Sunday, April 21. Advance memberships are $35 until December 31, $40 until April 5, 2019 and $45 thereafter and at the door. Children five and under are admitted free of charge.

And if you refer four new members, you get in FREE.

Join us Easter WeekendYour geek family awaits.