Thursday, March 27, 2014

A triumvirate of LARPs invade ConGlomeration 2014

ConGlomeration 2014 will host three separate Live-Action Roleplaying scenarios this year, all hosted and run by our featured LARP guest William Thrasher. First-time players are more than welcome!

Here's the line-up:

Warhammer 40,000: Nex Eternus

Teaser: The Inquisition prepared to break the sepulchral seals of a long-abandoned fortress in the void. What grim secret lurks within, and how far will the Deathwatch go to keep it locked away? 

Day: Friday
Start Time: 8 PM
End Time: 12 AM
Players allowed: 30

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Fading Suns: To Be a Pirate King

Teaser: Bloodthirsty Jack McGee, the most feared pirate to ever ply the jumpweb, calls a gathering of every freebooter, corsair, and buccaneer in the Known Worlds and beyond.

Day: Saturday
Start Time: 10 AM
End Time: 2 PM
Players allowed: 30

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Cthulhu Live: Muerte al Chupacabras!

Teaser: What bloodsucking horror lurks in the farming town of Hobbsbad, New Mexico? What does rancher Hector Reyez have chained up in his barn? What can survive the terror of el Chupacabra!?

Day: Saturday
Start Time: 9PM
End Time: 1AM
Players allowed: 30

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Announcing our 2014 Featured LARP Guest William Thrasher

William T. Thrasher is a professional writer, illustrator, and game designer who's contributed contributed to games from Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and Skirmisher Publishing. William is also bringing his own personal LARP style to ConGlomeration and hosting not just one but THREE LARP events during the weekend!

Since being introduced to Candy Land at age four, William Thrasher has been fascinated with games of all types, and by now there isn't a form of game he hasn't tried. Video games, roleplaying games, card games, collectible games and psychological games, examples of each fill his shelves.

Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004, William Thrasher has held down a variety of jobs and still found time to contribute to Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition and publish a game of his own, Sight Unseen.

William is an avid gamer in all meanings of the word, a regular attendee of Origins Game Fair and GenCon Indy, and a LARP organizer without peer. You can learn more about William on his Facebook page at

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Fandom Ally Shout-Out: LexiCon Tabletop Gaming Convention

Meet the newest member of ConGlomeration's allied regional nerdfests: The LexiCon Tabletop Gaming Convention in Lexington, Kentucky May 2nd – May 4th at the Clarion Hotel.

It's the perfect gamer methadone for severe ConGlomeration withdrawal, occurring a mere three weeks after our 2014 convention.

Here are just a few of the many events throwing down at LexiCon:

  • Magic the Gathering Tournament with $1,000 1st prize, plus lots of extras
  • Settlers of Catan Regional Qualifier with 4-Day pass to Origins Convention, plus hotel, as grand prize
  • Netrunner
  • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Star Wars LCG
  • HeroClix
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing
  • DC Deck Builder

Learn to play new games like Gravwell, Sentinels - Vengeance, Jupiter Rising, Relic Runners, City of Iron, and BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia.

LexiCon also will have family gaming events like "Learn 5 Family Games in 90 minutes" and Adult Party nights Fri. and Sat.

Register at MSTB Gaming or check out LexiCon on Facebook for regular updates on events.